Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 27, 2012

Take that Karl Rove! Newt campaigns for Todd Akin in Missouri

Update:  Senator Jim DeMint comes out in support of Akin, here.  Hat tip: Judy

Remember I told you that Karl and the establishment boys said they needed to “get (Republican)Todd Akin” for his off-the-cuff remark about rape way back when on September 3rd (an eternity ago it seems).  They tried to drive him from the race.

I’m a couple of days late with this story which I haven’t seen anywhere except at Gateway Pundit—Newt Gingrich is defying the boys and campaigning for Akin!

Newt is the first big national candidate to come in and campaign for Todd Akin. He described the enormous gap between the two candidates:

“I would simply say to anybody who has any confusion – Six seconds of Todd Akin Saying something dumb doesn’t offset six years of McCaskill voting destructively… You know she’s going to smear him because a straight up honest fight over her voting record she’s just going to get wiped out. “

Ah, I’m not wild about Gingrich, but in these times it does make one long for a bulldog.



  1. I’m proud to have been a supporter of Newt’s in the presidential race. He shows the spirit that I admire in all patriots. There’s plenty of work for us all to do. He doesn’t go and sulk about losing to Romney, he get’s into the fight anywhere he can serve. And, he’s made a good choice to fight for Todd in Missouri. I’m glad to see that my friend, Jim Diment, is considering help for Todd as well.
    It’s amazing how quick some Republicans (RINOS) are to kill our own, while the Demwits hold together no matter of sinister, stupid, or crazy members of their nut-house crowd become. Ron Reagan had it right: “Thou shalt never speak ill of a fellow Republican” — I think my good friend Karl Rove (UMD graduate!) forgets that sage advice from his prior mentor. If we don’t hang together, we shall all surely hang separately. We must hang together — we must learn how to do this if we are to continue to make progress in getting our country on course for the well-being of all.

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