Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 24, 2012

Feds scrambling as stink bugs spread

Got stink bugs? 

If you don’t, count yourself one lucky dude.  Check out the Washington Examiner story today and don’t miss the little video clip especially for those of you who have never seen one!  Believe me they stink.

I suck them up in the vacuum cleaner which clears them out of the room, but the price one pays for that technique is that the stink smell comes out the exhaust hole!  And, I swear when I’ve done this a few times, they know when I’m turning on the vacuum cleaner. I honestly believe that they are that smart that they shout to their pals to run for it.

And if you think there is no political connection between stink bugs from China and election year politics, think again.  The champion of stink bug eradication is Congress’s only scientist—Rep. Roscoe Bartlett.  Last year he held a Stink Bug Summit and for all I know maybe he has another one planned for this year!  Do you think one more lawyer/investor/hedge fund guy like John Delaney will ever give a minute’s attention to those suffering from Stink Bugs?  No!

Stink Bugs—an excellent reason why we should want diversity in Congress!



  1. Want to get rid of stink bugs? Get chickens. Chickens view stink bugs as humans view crab meat or lobster, or if you are not a seafood person, perhaps, T-bone or sirloin.

    The two problems with the chicken cure to stink bug problems are these: 1. The chicken defense is only good for about three feet off the ground. Any stink bug higher than three feet stands a chance. 2. You can’t let the chickens inside your house because they have bad bathroom habits.

    As with any pest problem, there are always drawbacks. For example: Mitt Romney is being demonized by democrats for being a capitalist for Bain (Sp?) Capital. Provide money for start-up businesses, and yes, if necessary, restructure companies and send jobs overseas to be competitive [thank you unions.]

    John Delaney, democrat running against Bartlett, is also ( according to his radio ad) a capitalist who helps upstart businesses. He’s made a lot of money doing it.

    Here is what I do not understand. Delaney does the same thing that Romney did, but Romney is a goat, and Delaney is Mr. Wonderful? Really?

    I’ll take the science guy.

    And now, on a totally unrelated subject, I had an opportunity to view the documentary,”They Came To America.” What an incredibly comprehensive documentary about immigration, both legal and illegal. Every American should see this film. It delves into just about all aspects of immigration. An immigrant advocate, or an immigrant foe, you should see this film, it will make you think.

    • Thanks Greg for your always interesting and informative insight!

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