Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 19, 2012

Trouble Ahead for Democrat Dominance in Maryland?

That is the question our friend Doug Mainwaring poses at American Thinker today.  Mainwaring is the author of the most widely read post of all time here at PTPR—The Myth of the Same Sex Marriage Mandate.

I urge you to read his American Thinker piece in which he says that Governor O’Malley may have created a monster as he pushed four major issues through the legislature that are unpopular with large swaths of Maryland voters.

Mainwaring begins:

A quiet rebellion against high-handed Democrat politicians pushing pet progressive policies is building in blue state Maryland, largely ignored by the national media so heavily concentrated in Washington, D.C., right next door.  Keep your eyes on referenda set to be on the November ballot.

Read his analysis of the ballot initiatives which have brought together a never-before-seen coalition of Maryland activists from all walks of life.  He then concludes:

In championing unpopular legislation, Governor O’Malley has used the people of Maryland as a stepping stone toward a hoped-for future national office.  He has attempted to establish his bona fides to impress the Democrat National Committee by muscling through du jour progressive legislation.  To do this, he purposefully and resolutely neglected his constituents — demonstrating not his worthiness, but a high degree of hubris, a perhaps politically fatal attribute.

Maryland voters of all affiliations are tired of being ignored by those they have elected to serve them.  Grassroots activists of all stripes now find themselves working shoulder-to-shoulder against Maryland’s Political Aristocracy, which has gladly trampled them underfoot.

Read it all and pass it along to your friends.  It’s an easy message—Vote NO! on 4, 5, 6, and 7 and make sure there is trouble ahead for Maryland Democrats!



  1. I am going to vote NO on every question that this administration has brought to light.

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