Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 17, 2012

Where was Tim Rowland today when BU was right in front of me?

Readers, I’m taking a momentary break from posts about Islamists killing Americans and the State Department playing a game of CYA to bring you the terrible news that today I witnessed Biker Urination (BU) something Hagerstown Herald Mail opinion writer and funny man, Tim Rowland, tittered about in his column supporting that $16 million plus Washington County bike trail boondoggle that went down in flames earlier this summer.

He mockingly proclaimed at the time that property owners had an irrational fear of BU.

Well, today I witnessed it for myself, but first, here is Rowland in July.

As a longtime bicycle rider and a frequent user of rail trails, I am about to take a pledge that I should have taken a long time ago. Events of late in Washington County have shown me the error of my ways, and I hope I can begin the long road back to redemption with this promise:

I, Tim Rowland, do solemnly swear — and I would urge all rail-trail cyclists to join me — that I will never again urinate on private property.

As we have seen in recent public hearings, bicyclist urine, or BU, has become a chief argument against building a rail trail from Hagerstown to the Potomac River.

Should have known we couldn’t hide our true intentions from the razor intellect of Washington County inhabitants.

Let me set the stage for what I witnessed.  Today was the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam where more than 20,000 Americans were killed or wounded in a single day’s fighting.  Thousands and thousands of Washington Countians and people from all over America were playing war this weekend.  I could hear the cannons thundering.    Indeed I witnessed at least a dozen Union Officers in full dress uniform dining at a luxurious restaurant not far from my home on Friday evening.

This morning, on the morning of the battle anniversary no less, I was trying to get around the festivities and made my way on a back road that took me over Antietam Creek via the historic upper Bridge.  In front of me as I rounded a bend in the road were four skinny bikers in full biker regalia (you know little tight pants and flamboyant colored shirts) and one was BUing at the edge of the historic bridge but clearly on private property! and hallowed ground no less (surely at least one Civil War soldier had hallowed that very same soil fifteen decades earlier)!

He was so close to the creek itself that I feared he might also pollute the Chesapeake Bay should the wind have picked up.

Eyes momentarily averted I passed by, but I knew, if BU was happening here on this auspicious day, when there were hundreds upon hundreds of porta-pots wherever one turned, that homeowners along any bike path did not have an irrational fear, but would indeed be victims of BU (or worse!).

Addendum:  I had planned to post on the biker/automobile clashes in DC and the surrounding suburbs, but this got too long, so please read this Washington Examiner story yourself.


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