Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 17, 2012

Did Hillary send UN Ambassador Susan Rice out to take the hit?

Update September 27th:  Senator Ayotte says either Rice is incompetent or deliberately mislead the American people.

Update September 20th:   Testimony to Congress reveals that the attack on the embassy was planned and executed by Islamists for 9/11.

Update September 18th:  Just heard speculation that Rice or John Kerry could replace Hillary as Secretary of State if Obama wins in November.

Google search ‘Susan Rice and Libya’ and you will get page after page of links to news stories in which Rice yesterday adamantly stood by her story that Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ murder was the result of an obscure video that triggered a demonstration that went awry.

Now comes more news that if true makes Rice out to be a flat-out liar (instead of Hillary).  The question is, did she really believe that youtube video story or are she and Hillary fighting for their political lives?    See the latest this afternoon from Fox News reported at Gateway Pundit, here (Obama’s Libya story unravels…attacks planned).

** New information reveals the attack on the US Consulate on 9-11 was pre-planned and highly organized.

And… According to an intelligence source there was no protest at the consulate at the time of the attack. This totally destroys the administration’s wild story that a protest over the YouTube Mohammad video was behind the murder of the US ambassador. This is damning new information especially considering the administration had warnings the area was not safe and reportedly refused adequate security at the consulate.

Last night I told you the three “humanitarian vulcans” who nagged Obama into the Libyan adventure were Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power (read about Power’s role in the troika).  So far no public word from Power.   Clinton and Power have a strained relationship (remember Power called Hillary a “monster” during the 2008 Presidential campaign), so surely Power isn’t going to go out on a limb now to save Hillary.  However, Rice might be willing to do that because she has a long career with the Clintons that involved some very serious allegations of major foreign policy blunders by Rice that reflected badly on the Clinton White House and still resonate to this day.

***Update:  Samantha Power was hiding out and has resurfaced, see this post!***

Rice served on the National Security Council during the Clinton Administration and is “credited” with being the adviser who recommended against getting involved in the Rwandan Genocide (don’t even call it “genocide” she advised), but perhaps more seriously, as the Administration’s chief intelligence gatherer on Africa, Rice was fingered as one of two people (along with Richard Clarke) who let Osama bin Laden slip through our hands in 1996.

Furthermore, it is believed that her direct intervention resulted in the US losing an intelligence opportunity that might have helped head off the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

There is a lot of blood on her hands.  But, is it through incompetence or something more sinister?

Read this 2002 Washington Post op-ed by former Ambassador to Sudan, Timothy Carney, who gives us the gory details of her handiwork during the Clinton years.

So, what is her role now vis-a-vis Hillary?  By so forcefully floating this trial balloon yesterday that it’s all about the goofy video, she looks absolutely ridiculous?  Did they actually think it would work?  Or is she simply drawing the fire away from Hillary, after all, it sure looks like Rice owes the Clintons for her career which could easily have been put on ice (and should have been!) way back with her first blunder on Rwanda.


  1. I have been hearing a lot about this goofy video (I’m told, I have not seen the video,) but here is what I think. I doubt that a you tube video that few people even knew existed caused the murder of our ambassador. I do not think that anyone ever heard of this video until the liberal left wing news media found it and saw a scapegoat. The video did not go viral until AFTER the news media jumped on it and popularized it.

    Facts are now surfacing about the warnings, the lack of security, etc. It seems to me that there may be a whole lot of CYA going on in the Obama administration right now, concerning Secretary of State Clinton and Rice, whoever she is.

  2. Seems to me that they are all in this so deeply that lying will not make things any worse for them. They need to resign and go quietly away, but is there a real American who can fill those spots? Secretary of State may need to be filled quickly, with someone like John Bolton, and the other, Rice’s place, can be unfilled and all the people who report to her can go home. We need to get out of the UN anyway.

  3. How strange ….

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