Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 16, 2012

The rise (and fall?) of the “humanitarian vulcans”

Hillary made some noises almost immediately following the brutal murders of four Americans in Libya this past week—it’s all about the video, she intoned.  And, today UN Ambassador Susan Rice bleated the same line on the Sunday morning talk shows—it’s all about the video.  No rational political observer believes that.  (We have yet to hear from the third of MacBeth’s “weird sisters” Samantha Power, but watch for it!)

So, why is it so important for the girls to blame some obscure (till now) two-bit video (and by extension blame America)?  Why? Because they all three pushed Obama (who prefers to vote “present”) into his excellent Libyan adventure.

Now, you see, their careers (Obama’s too!) hang in the balance because they put their faith in Libyan (Islamist!) rebels.  We can only guess whether it was out of stunning naivete or something more sinister.   One thing is clear though, with the death of Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans their careers should be dead as well.  If Obama was smart he would fire someone now to save his own skin.  LOL! Let’s hope he isn’t smart.

I’ll be writing more about Susan Rice tomorrow who has made some other very (deadly) poor decisions in her career, but I wanted to be sure you read a couple of Chapters from The Amateur first.

Here is author Ed Klein on the “humanitarian vulcans.”   Back in May, I wrote about Klein’s revelation that a White House source called the three gals the “humanitarian vulcans” (here) who bullied Obama to intervene in Libya supposedly to save the people.  Come to think of it, it’s kind of like Waco—you kill people to save them.   This is just a bit of Chapter 19:

This administration is leading from behind and sees the relative power of the U.S. as declining while China’s power rises.

Libya accentuated the glaring inconsistencies in the Obama Doctrine. Why did he do it?

Obama’s handing of foreign policy appeared amateurish and confused in light of the Arab Spring as opinion polls showed. He appeared to lack the courage of his convictions. Hillary Clinton is said to have referred to Obama and his advisers as a “bunch of amateurs.” Obama appeared to be fiddling while the Arab world burned.

Power was being ignored and got herself back into the fray by pushing Obama towards war with Libya under the faux humanitarian doctrine – R2P or Responsibility to Protect. The Stratfor CEO called her strategy, The Immaculate Intervention.

Power and the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, would not be swayed against their humanitarian intervention plan.

Hillary threw her support behind the idea. Obama, with his usual indecisiveness, plunged into a war that was not a war. He supported regime change in Libya without declaring that as a goal of American policy. He said he was opposed to Bush-era policies of nation building but he helped create the new Libyan government. He rejected America’s role as a guarantor of world order and ‘lead from behind’ with NATO in the lead, as one of his adviser’s described it.

Obama’s Libyan campaign was considered a success despite the rise of extreme and revolutionary Islamism in Libya and other countries upturned by the Arab Spring.

Was Obama successful in foreign policy? He cannot claim to have achieved a single lasting policy objective in any area of the world that is of vital interest to the United States.

An afterthought:  Unless of course Obama’s objective was to turn a large swath of North Africa and the Middle East  over to the Muslim Brotherhood and at that he is having wild success!

More tomorrow.


  1. Up until now, I have followed Napolean’s advice, “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence,” when it comes to Obama’s foreign policy.

    However, the current situation in the mid-east is making me re-assess.

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