Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 10, 2012

Leaders of MD GOP abandon Maryland to campaign in Virginia and Pennsylvania

A couple of weeks ago I had a call from a very nice young man from the MD GOP asking me to contribute to the state party.  I was feeling badly that I hadn’t renewed my membership (mostly because I didn’t see anything they had done), so I said sure, send me a letter.  In front of me at this very minute is the letter where I pledged to send them a contribution.  Sorry, GOP,  I now plan to tear it up!

And, by the way, that call from the MD GOP to me came before the debacle at the RNC convention with the rules and involvement by some members of our Maryland delegation (including Cavey featured in the news below) that resulted in the disenfranchisement of the Tea Party (here and here).  So I was inclined to tear it up even before this latest news.

This is what the MD GOP said in the third paragraph of my thanks-for-donating letter:

Your donation allows the MDGOP to fight back against Leftist policies pushed by Martin O’Malley and his liberal cronies in the legislature, to train and organize volunteers and college Republicans, and to spread the conservative alternative in Maryland.

So what are Maryland Republican leaders including Bob Ehrlich and Chris Cavey, his sidekick, doing?  They aren’t fighting Leftist policies in Maryland, namely gay marriage and taxpayer tuition support for illegal aliens; they aren’t spreading the conservative alternatives at home;  they aren’t campaigning for the best chances we have had in a long time to wrest some seats from Democrat control in Maryland; they are heading to Pennsylvania to campaign there according to this report in the Baltimore Sun on Saturday.   Others as we reported previously, here, are headed to Virginia.

From the Baltimore Sun:

With primary battles settled, the conventions over and the general election less than two months away, Democrats and Republicans now turn to the end game: reaching out to persuade the few remaining undecided voters that their nominee is the one to solve the nation’s problems.

For campaign volunteers in deep-blue Maryland, that often means traveling elsewhere.

Bob Ehrlich (rice bowl in mind?) abandons Maryland, wants rent-a-mob to follow him to PA.

There are issues on the November ballot to keep Maryland activists in the state. [Ha! even the Baltimore Sun gets that!—ed] Among other referendum questions, voters will decide whether the state will recognize same-sex marriage and whether its public colleges and universities will extend in-state tuition to some illegal immigrants.   [Erhlich: never mind those pesky issues, let O’Malley win (again!)—ed]

And in Western Maryland, there’s a competitive race in the 6th District, where Democrat John Delaney is challenging Republican Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett in a congressional district redrawn by Democrats in Annapolis to give the party a chance at a pickup.  [Ehrlich:   never mind Bartlett, Dan Bongino, Ken Timmerman, and others, those races aren’t about me, and truth-be-told I don’ t really like conservatives.—ed]

Much of the presidential contest, however, is being waged elsewhere. Republican former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., honorary chairman of the Romney campaign in Maryland, went to York, Pa., last month to open a campaign office and plans more trips. [Ehrlich: Why?  because it’s more lucrative for me in the long run than stumping for conservatives in MD.—ed]

How about bus trips and telephone calls right here in Maryland?  That would be so “cool!”

Cavey, the Romney steering committee member, said he is working with campaign officials in Pennsylvania to organize trips there — “very similar to what we did during the [John] McCain campaign [in 2008], deployed into certain areas as Team Romney in Pennsylvania sees fit.”

Similar plans are under way, he said, for trips from the Washington suburbs and Southern Maryland to Northern Virginia.

And for those unable or disinclined to travel, both campaigns are employing technology to help volunteers contact swing-state voters without leaving home. The Obama and Romney websites include sections that enable supporters to log in and dial strangers with their pitches for their candidates.

“You can sit at home and you can make a hundred calls, and the national campaign can direct them any way they want to at any time,” Cavey said of the Romney program. “It’s a very cool system.”

I’m not alone in my ire over this news.  Blogger Jim Jamitis, Anthropocon, said it better than I can and with some humor (you’ll see when you visit his blog):

Now, the likelihood of Mitt Romney winning Maryland might well be pretty small, but there are winnable races in the state and the GOP should be focusing available resources on them, not turning tail and heading for greener pastures.

Why the party would send anyone out of state to do campaign work when we have our best shot in years of taking back a U.S. Senate seat with Dan Bongino is enough to make any reasonable person wonder about the real motives of Maryland GOP apperatchiks. Ken Timmerman has a a great strategy for running his race against Chris Van Hollen that could certainly use “busloads of volunteers” knocking on doors in District 8 rather than in Pennsylvania.

And Jamitis asked this good question:

If “helping neighbors” is the order of the day, is the Maryland GOP encouraging “busloads” of people from the solid Romney states to come here and reinforce the front line? If not, why not?

Don’t give your money to the MD GOP declares blogger Jamitis:

To the conservative outsider, the state party looks much like a collection of ambitious individuals with no shared ambition for creating a winning movement. Conservatives simply cannot rely on the Maryland GOP to do what needs to be done. This is one of many reasons why I don’t (and probably won’t ever) donate to the party and why I also encourage others not to.

There is more!  Read it all (and laugh!)

In conclusion, find a good Maryland candidate to work for, or a ballot question on which to devote your energy, and let’s win some in Maryland!   And, with your good work in bringing out voters for our candidates and issues, Romney might have a decent showing in Maryland without Bobby and Chris.



  1. Is there still a Maryland GOP? You’d never know it from the no-GOP-candidate ballot in my area in the last general election.

  2. You make some good points here, but you don’t say it all. Erlrich and Steele had their chance, and they failed and are now properly in the past. They are proto-typical RINOs, and they have the backbone of jello, and the conviction of mush when it comes to principles of constitutional freedom in the operation of government. Every state has these types, and it’s no use worrying about them. Rather, let’s create the GOP into the party that represents true conservative-patriot values. It is happening here in Maryland, and let’s focus and work together with those who are engaged in this effort.

    The future of the GOP lies with the new conservative leadership, reflected by some good solid patriot candidates: for example: Bongino, Timmerman, Mirabile, and Loudon. Many are emerging in the leadership of the GOP as well.

    The GOP in MD is changing, and it’s better to be part of this change, to get active in this movement, rather than “curse the darkness” and worry too much about the cowardly voices that give up on Maryland. I can see a great positive shift in Maryland — the evidence is here around us if we look. The bright new conservative candidates, the referendums. The voter registrations; the participation in the GOP party leadership.

    The Dem. party is now a radical socialist movement – dictatorship and tyranny is not the way “forward” — but not everyone has gotten the word on that yet.

    So, notice the change, and let’s focus on the new leadership that is emerging; stay positive and keep fighting with those conservative, patriot candidates and leaders in Maryland who are stepping forward. Many Maryland patriots are rallying for the fight for freedom right here in the state. I’m certainly one, and I know I’m not alone. Our numbers are growing.

    Lee Havis
    Free State Patriots

    • Lee, some good points. I’m not sure I have such an optimistic view as yours. But, LOL!, one reader sent me a note privately and suggested that if Ehrlich came out strongly for any of our conservatives it would give us pause about the candidate!

  3. […] is apparently following those erstwhile pied pipers— Maryland Republican ‘leaders’ Bob Ehrlich and Chris Cavey —- by organizing trips to Pennsylvania and Virginia to campaign for […]

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