Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 8, 2012

Check out our top posts from time to time

One of the many statistics automatically gathered at our wordpress blog are ones on the most read posts.  Readers can find TOP POSTS in the right hand side bar.  I’m bringing it to your attention today because you too might want to read what a couple of thousand people have been reading this week—primarily three articles written by our friend Doug Mainwaring.

The first article from February of this year is entitled, ‘The Myth of the Same Sex Marriage Mandate.’   It was followed by Parts II and III.  Apparently a lady with a lot of friends on facebook started the run on those posts, and all week they have been at the top of Top Posts.   If you are a new reader or missed them the first time, you might like to go see what all the excitement is about.

Number 4 in our Top Posts this week is a post that I wrote in December of 2011 about Obama’s new body man, here.  Don’t ask me why, but lots of people are searching for ‘Obama’s body man’ or some other variation of that phrase.  LOL! Is something going on that I don’t know about?

And the 5th Top Post at this moment is yesterday’s post about the surprise entry into the Maryland US Senate race, here.   A few hours earlier, my post on Morton Blackwell’s “letter” to explain how the RNC effectively diminished the role Tea Partiers and Ron Paul supporters might play in the GOP in the future, held the number 5 slot.

Because of the way Top Posts works, by the time you read this the Top Five may already have changed.


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