Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 7, 2012

Challenger to Bongino/Cardin appears out of nowhere in MD US Senate race

Update September 10th:  Our friend Michael Swartz at Monoblogue has more on Sobhani, here.   Also, Sohani’s TV ads are running on prime time DC stations.

You’ve probably seen the news and this post is not intended to be the definitive ‘last word’ on Montgomery Co. resident Dan Sobhani who quietly paid his way onto the November ballot in Maryland.  However, I wanted to keep our Cardin Watch category up-to-date so this is just a brief mention now about Sobhani.

In a report earlier this week at WBAL, Sobhani is quoted as saying he will build more affordable housing in Baltimore, get more kids internships, and build and repair more roads and bridges and he expects to do the billion-dollar projects with private money.  Two previous primary losses in quests for the Senate as a Republican probably convinced Sobhani that running now required that he gather enough signatures to get his name placed on the ballot.

A Potomac businessman and former professor of political economy at Georgetown University has launched a run for U.S. Senate in Maryland.

Rob Sobhani submitted 77,000 signatures to the Maryland State Board of Elections and has been certified to run as an independent for the seat now held by Democrat Ben Cardin.

“I’m running as an independent, because I think our political system is broken, and both political parties have let the American people down,” Sobhani told WBAL News.

A quick glance at his FEC filings indicates that he has so far self-financed his campaign with nearly a quarter of a million dollars and most of his expenses reported went for professional  outfits who gather petition signatures.  So, readers this is nothing like the grassroots enthusiastic hard work that went into most of the ballot questions that you are familiar with.  He used paid signature gatherers.

It is unclear whether Sobhani, as spoiler, will take more votes from incumbent Senator Ben Cardin or his most popular challenger Dan Bongino.

Troubling News

I’m sure you will be seeing more about Sobhani, but in the meantime our friend Jim Jamitis alerts us to some very disturbing news here at his blog Anthropocon:

Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian writes a thorough expose’ of CNN’s dubious journalistic practice of accepting “sponsorships” from the very regimes they are supposedly investigating. The story stems from a former CNN employee, Amber Lyon, blowing the whistle on the practice as it relates to CNN spiking a documentary which is very critical of the Bahrainian regime.

Figuring in the scandal is an Independent candidate for U.S. Senate from Maryland, Rob Sobhani.  Sobhani’s business requires him to engage with regimes in places like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in order to obtain energy and infrastructure contracts, yet CNN presents him as an objective expert on these regimes. Sobhani’s role in helping to “sell” brutal regimes for CNN certainly leads one to wonder what his real purpose is in running for the U.S. Senate.

Read the whole shocking report!

Maybe Sobhani thinks he can finance all those Maryland projects with Saudi money?  But, frankly, if he believes he has access to private money for housing and eduction for poor kids, he doesn’t need to be in the US Senate to get that job done.  He can simply call up the Mayor of Baltimore and offer to pay for those projects and I bet she will happily accept.



  1. I really think that Sobhani joining the race may be a good thing for Bongino who, incidentally, I will be voting for. I do not think that the grass roots conservatives will leave allegiance to Bongino to vote for someone named Sobhani, who, apparently has ties to regimes who probably do not have American interests at heart. I think that any vote for Sobhani is a vote taken away from Cardin.

    Bongino has been favorably mentioned on Glenn Beck’s radio program and Blaine Young’s radio show. I believe he will do well. I do not see Sobhani as a threat, but just maybe a good thing for Maryland.

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