Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 2, 2012

Try to contain yourselves! Rumor has it that the Obamas are planning a move to Hawaii in January 2013

This is a great story at Hillbuzz and it makes all the sense in the world.  Hat tip: Cathy.

The author, Kevin DuJan at Hillbuzz, claims to have the scoop on the Obama’s plans to dump the house in crime-ridden Chicago (I noticed, and assume you did too, that Drudge has been highlighting those shooting stories in the Obama’s old Hyde Park neighborhood) and move into a $35 million estate in Hawaii.    The theory is that the Os want to be near the location of their planned Presidential library and are sick of being cold in the windy city.   Have you noticed that they have rarely gone “home” in the last few years?

DuJan:  Obama to Chicago—thanks for putting us in the White House, see you later (not!).

Apparently Mrs. Robinson is spilling the beans to her old friends in Chicago.

You need to read both Part I and Part II and see that it sounds plausible.  If you’ve read a lot about Obama himself, you know that he really is a kind of lazy guy who wants the good life (not so for Jarrett, Axelrod, et al who are on a mission) and Michelle never made a secret out of the fact that she hates the White House.  Remember earlier this year we learned from author Jodi Kantor that Obama said all he wanted in retirement was his own private jet and a valet, here.  And, now, just a little mansion for Michelle maybe?



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  2. […] However, this is one of my favorite reports (one you might not have seen) on what happened to Obama on Wednesday.  From the author of Hillbuzz—that’s he website that first broke the Hawaiian mansion story. […]

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  4. […] seems that about ten days ago, Hillbuzz blogger Kevin DuJan (of the Obama Hawaiian mansion story) first presented his (someone’s theory?) theory of what was behind the Benghazi […]

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