Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 31, 2012

So why did the establishment RNC feel they needed to start a “civil war” in Tampa?

I don’t know what motivated them to monkey with the rules when Tea Partiers and others, including Libertarians, are getting nervous about the Republican Party generally anyway.  Why now?   I don’t know the answer to that, but this rule change dirty-trick news that was trickling out of Tampa is getting out far and wide now!

Reader Cathy, sent this very succinct report that makes clear that this whole rule change was a done-deal from the outset.  The most shocking revelation is that Speaker of the House Boehner was called in to read his marching orders from a teleprompter!    Please watch it.

There is a longer version of the delegates’ reaction (RNC a sham?) here, that I highly recommend watching as well.



  1. […] Fox foolishly went one step further and cut all of Palin’s commentary planned for that evening, here.  Frankly, the RNC should have invited Palin to be the “mystery” speaker rather than Eastwood who reportedly bombed (full disclosure, I didn’t watch any of it)!   What is that expression about Dems being the evil party, but Republicans are the stupid party! […]

  2. I agree, the ‘reasons’ for such actions were unnecessary, the game of inter-party politics is never pretty, but this Jerry Springer-like family brawl playing out on national TV is atrocious.
    I am a Ron Paul sup.., no, bigger than that, a supporter of the ideas that Ron Paul brings to the conversation. Is the establishment so blind that they run the risk of chasing millions of supporters away by pulling a stunt like this?
    They can’t afford to alienate this voting block.
    I *SMDH* when I think of the very tent they purport to be building and unfortunately, I can’t take them seriously when the very principles of a limited government are cast away in favor of a rotten centralized party core.

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  4. […] you are unfamiliar with what happened, in addition to Beiber’s post below, that you see those videos I posted earlier this morning.   Word out of Tampa is that a couple of Maryland delegates on the rules […]

  5. […] morning Ann Corcoran (PTPR) asks (see accompanying video) – “So why did the establishment RNC feel they needed to start a […]

  6. Here’s the deal. I left the democratic party and became an independant. Most of the TEA partiers need to leave the establishment republican party and become independants to. Then we can join together, form our own party, and return government to what government is supposed to be doing, looking out for the people.

    • I think that is right around the corner. The rule change monkey business was a stupid move on the part of the GOP and will only serve to speed up the process (which in any case won’t start until after the election no matter who wins it).

      • Ann, I honestly think that this is doable. According to

        independants are up 2% from 38 to 40, dems hold 31%, republicans 27%. If we could network all the independants together to plan a strategy, we could win, easily, based on the numbers.

      • Hi again, Greg, that link isn’t working for me, could you check it. Oh, I think it’s coming, but I think most people know we have to get past November.

  7. […] told you about the Tampa rule dirty trick in several posts on Friday, here, here and here.   I recommend that you take five minutes now and watch (or re-watch) Speaker of […]

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