Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 31, 2012

No Palin, TV viewership way down for RNC Tampa convention…

….and Michael Savage gives us some of his observations on the “big issues” the RNC missed that might have sparked some interest among TV viewers.

Here is the Wall Street Journal on how many fewer people watched the Tampa convention compared to four years ago when Palin spoke:

Viewership for the Republican National Convention plunged sharply on its second night compared with the same evening of 2008, when Sarah Palin made her debut as the vice presidential nominee.

An average of 21.9 million viewers tuned into the nine broadcast and cable networks that were broadcasting convention proceedings Wednesday night between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., according to Nielsen. That was 41% less than the 37.2 million who tuned in the same night four years ago, the research firm said.

The largest audience was tuned to Fox News, which averaged 7.7 million viewers, down 15% from nine million in 2008, according to Nielsen data provided by Fox.

Fox foolishly went one step further and cut all of Palin’s commentary planned for that evening, here.  Frankly, the RNC should have invited Palin to be the “mystery” speaker rather than Eastwood who reportedly bombed (full disclosure, I didn’t watch any of it)!   What is that expression about Dems being the evil party, but Republicans are the stupid party!

In his usual straightforward and colorful manner, radio talk show personality Michael Savage told his audience that the RNC “eunuchs” missed a few important issues at their convention.  (Hat tip: Richard Falknor, Blue Ridge Forum)

From World Net Daily:

After a parade of speakers over two nights, talk radio host Michael Savage is asking why the Republican National Convention’s podium appears to be devoid of true conservatives.

“Not one carefully selected eunuch-speaker has dared to tackle the big problems destroying America,” Savage said.

Among the virtually avoided issued, he said, are “illegal aliens eating away at the nation’s schools, hospitals and unity”; “welfare and food-stamp leeches”; Afghan soldiers “shooting our boys in the back”; the “corrupt, incompetent America-hating occupant of the White House”; “billions in fraudulent loans to his cronies”; the corrupt senators and congresswomen whose spouses are feasting on our lost taxpayer billions”; and the “executive orders that have stolen our freedoms.”

“All of this has been unmentioned by the eunuchs from K Street,” Savage said.

He noted “not a whisper has been permitted from a true American hero, Congressman Allen West.”

Read on.  LOL! Savage also suggests that the revelation that Romney irons his own shirts does not send a strong message to the Islamists.


  1. Did they count those of us who tried to stay awake but couldn’t?

  2. I have a much different take on the RNC national convention than I’m hearing here. I hope my friends will not become my enemies because of it. Let me remind you that I am an unaffiliated voter, meaning that I no longer am a member of either party.

    I did watch the convention coverage on WHAG (NBC.) Here is my analysis:
    Romney (Ann, not MItt) spoke of Mitt being great husband,father, and family man. [ana: appeal to conservative women, appeal to marriage being a union between a man and a woman]

    Condaleeza Rice spoke. She started out a little weak (in my opinion,) but finished very strong. [ana: appeal to African Americans, African American women specifically.]

    Paul Ryan spoke and absolutely destroyed President Obama’s economic policies, his job numbers, etc.

    Clint Eastwood spoke. The liberal news media is promoting the notion that he was weird, confused, and a big mistake for the Republicans to put him on. Even though Mr. Eastwood seemed a little forgetful here and there, but he made some very crowd arousing statements, such as, “You own America, politicians are your employees.” I think that anyone who thinks that Eastwood bombed, didn’t see his speech and is going by the liberal news media’s adage of: you need to think the way I tell you to think. I don’t think he bombed at all. I thought that he was, mostly, humorous, and could say the things that the professional politicians could’nt. [Ana: Reminding Americans of who works for whom.]

    Rubio spoke of how his grandfather, born, raised, and grew old, where the government controls everything, but nothing works, and how lucky he was to come to America where he could be anything he wanted to be. Somewhat similar to Condaleeza Rice’s speech, but for immigrants. [Ana: appeal to immigrants]

    I won’t go through every speaker, but. I will say that the RNC did what they should have done in my opinion.

    Now, to all my upset TEA party friends. If the RNC would have paraded Sarah Palin and all the rest of we TEA partiers out there, the left wing news media would have had a feast. Pointing to the racist, bigotted, terrorist that they claim that we are, but, of course are not. That’s exactly what the the left wing expected so that they could tear Romney apart. That didn’t happen.

    The convention didn’t attack Obama personally, just his policies and inaptitude as to how to run a government. I think that this republican convention was the second-best convention that I have witnessed in my lifetime. Reagan’s being the best.

    The RNC already knows that they have our (the tea party vote,) after all who are you going to vote for? Obama again…NOT. So why give the news media ammunition?

    Yes, we are being used, but, I think that this time we are being used to our benefit.

    I think Mitt Romney to be an honerable man with America at his best interest, our best interest, I’ll take him over Obama anytime.

    Just my opinion.

  3. […] told you about the Tampa rule dirty trick in several posts on Friday, here, here and here.   I recommend that you take five minutes now and watch (or re-watch) Speaker of the […]

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