Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 31, 2012

Marylander says “Tea Party RIP”

Readers, this is a guest column from Lynn Beiber a grassroots activist who lives in Bowie and was furious with the news out of Tampa about the RNC rule change.  I recommend that if you are unfamiliar with what happened, in addition to Beiber’s post below, that you see those videos I posted earlier this morning.   Word out of Tampa is that a couple of Maryland delegates on the rules committee helped push the rules re-write that disenfranchises the grassroots.

And, I suspect there is still much more to the “Blackwell lost on a bus” story (for another day).

From Lynn Beiber:

Just when I was ready to swallow hard and vote for Romney (against my better judgement) a nasty storm  blew through Tampa (I don’t mean Issac) and revealed just how little my tea party values mean to the RNC and Mitt Romney.

An e-mail alert from Phyllis Schlafley’s Eagle Forum sent Monday 8/27, “PROTECT YOUR STATES DELEGATES!” was my first clue.

I waited until Thursday, but I called Louis M.Pope 301-437-4668 (Maryland’s RNC national committeeman) to try and get the scoop. His response to my questions: “It’s behind us, that was two days ago, I’m in a meeting”, CLICK.

Really? Some delegates that had not even signed on to the minority report for the rules committee were so upset at the attempt to leave it out that they changed their minds and signed on. Delegates were left out and the vote was by voice, NO roll call. People present say they could not tell for sure what the vote was, but still no roll call allowed. Boehner gaveled it in, so that’s that. No more pesky grass roots tea party people to get in the way.

That’s right folks, the establishment RNC is at it again! Yep, they have changed the rules in order to leave us out of the loop, possibly for good this time, AND right under our noses!

“Bye bye TEA PARTY!”  GRASS ROOTS, “Don’t  call us, we’ll call you”.

“Thanks for getting us elected in 2010 but you don’t fit into our agenda anymore”.

There may still be time and If we don’t act QUICKLY (like yesterday) than we have become nothing more than useful idiots. Shoot, we ‘re not even getting lip service now. No mention at the convention.

The rules changes are not that complicated, see this explanation.

It’s a game and the FINAL SCORE is….

Republican Establishment, WINS- Conservative Grassroots LOSE.

We are never going to beat the Democrat-Liberals until we beat our own party thugs.

Is a vote for Romney/Ryan the last nail in our coffin?

The silence from BOTH sides of the media is deafening….hmmm…



  1. Maryland GOP is imperfect, and many in the party are not conservative enough for me. The Dem party is certifiably nuts, drunk on kool-aid — radical socialists. Both parties have dirty hands in the cesspool of MD politics. It is NOT the fault of the political leaders we elect, but WE, the people of Maryland who mostly still around and complain, or stand on the sidelines when there is real work to be done.

    MD has much to be ashamed of, and to fix. But we have some excellent conservative candidates running in the GOP (NONE, count them, in the Dem party here). When the conservative candidates win, they will gain leadership in the GOP, and the situation will change. But, this is still a party in transition, as I have tried to explain to my conservative friends in Maryland.

    As a tea party activist here, many years before the “tea party” even existed, I can tell you that the energy is much better then it has ever been in the state. So, I prefer to “keep stroking” and keep working for the best conservative candidates we can find.

    Romney was not my first choice, and I’m sure he will not always do exactly what I want. For my money, he’s way too left of center. Much stronger medicine will get us down the road faster.

    But right now, the car is in the ditch, not even ON the road. So, the work we need to do now is get the car back on the road, and electing Obama will not do it. Mr. O will only bury the car in dirt, so it will be completely useless when he’s done. Romney will get the car back on the road, and I’m convinced he will even get it moving in the right direction. Too slow for my money, of course, but on the road and moving in the right direction, is much, much better than the alternative. Get real, folks!

    Lee Havis

  2. […] told you about the Tampa rule dirty trick in several posts on Friday, here, here and here.   I recommend that you take five minutes now and watch (or re-watch) Speaker of the House John […]

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