Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 29, 2012

Norquist “honored” in Tampa

Readers, this is a follow-up to my previous post about Grover Norquist/Suhail Kahn and the alleged Islamist infiltration of the GOP (and the US government!).

I haven’t seen a news account yet about it happening.  I assume it did.  But here in the Minority Report is a list of  the luminaries planning the event for Norquist:

Invited Speakers include Actress and Radio Talk Show Host Janine Turner,
Institute for Liberty President Andrew Langer.
and Frontiers of Freedom President George Landrith

Host: George Landrith
Frontiers of Freedom, President

Honorary Host Committee:
Al Cardenas, ACU – Chairman
David Keene, NRA – President
Mike Farris, HSLDA – Founder

Cleta Mitchell, Foley and Lardner – Partner
Morton Blackwell, Leadership Institute – President
Dov Zackheim, Center for the National Interest – Vice Chairman

I’m sure the weather situation messed up more than one party in Tampa, so as soon as I see a report on this one, I’ll link it here.

One last thing, I keep forgetting to mention that Norquist has long advocated for amnesty for illegal aliens.  Norquist and his organization went on the record to support the McCain/Kennedy/Bush immigration “reform” bill in 2007.  That is the bill that ‘we the people’ stopped in a grassroots uprising that summer, and it’s the uprising that I see as the real beginning of the Tea Party movement.

By the way, in 2007 Norquist and Keene pushed for the US to allow more Iraqi Muslims to come to the US.  Didn’t we, at great cost to us in blood and treasure, give the Iraqi people a new Democratic government?   I’m betting they were silent in the wake of the recent Kentucky Iraqi refugee terror case.



  1. While I completely disagree with your overall opinion, I feel a conversation about that wouldn’t be productive. You talked about how “we” (U.S. govt.) installed a democratic government in Iraq. I beg to differ, as it seems clearly evident the war in Iraq was about oil, oil, oil. As a result, the govt. is corrupted, what some in Iraq call a dictatorship and its even working with Iran to get around sanctions (which do hurt the people of Iran). If you don’t believe me, I ask you watch Blood and Oil along with parts of the movie, FUEL. There are a good number of other sources on this as well, but this these are the ones I can gather off the top of my head.

    • So since Obama withdrew our troops is it no longer about oil, and do you see a need to bring tens of thousands of Iraqis to the US? Do you agree with Grover Norquist then?

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