Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 24, 2012

Frederick showing of illegal immigration documentary enlightened many

Update August 27th:  Here is another report on the documentary from our friend Steve Berryman.

The auditorium at Frederick Community College was filled last night to view the must-see documentary film,They come to America.’  The event was hosted by Blaine Young, a Frederick County commissioner and host of a popular radio talk show on WFMD-930 and Frederick Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.  Filmmaker Dennis Lynch was on hand to answer questions after the presentation.

Young’s campaign (Blaine Young for Maryland)* made the free-to-the-public event possible and he told the audience that any donations received would go into a fund to show the film in other Maryland counties leading up to the November elections.

The story the film told made it clear that Lynch was not blaming those who entered the US illegally, but rather the politicians on both sides of the political aisle who don’t try to solve the problem.  He praised Young in the Q & A for being one of the few politicians willing to take it on.

Asked why there is still no resolution to the decades-old debate, Lynch posited that the Democrats want the reliable Left-leaning voters who will vote for them, so they can continue to receive social services they believe the Democrats give them thereby furthering a socialist/redistributionist agenda.  He said some on the Republican side want the cheap labor for their business friends.  Others just run and hide fearing being labeled a “racist.”

Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild told the audience that there is yet one more element and he raised the specter of Agenda 21 and its borderless (sustainable) world goals directed by the United Nations.

Filmmaker Lynch also told the audience that his increasing success in finding venues for the film (he was on O’Reilly a few days ago) is because of the Tea Party and he announced that he is already working on his next project—a documentary film on the Tea Party movement.

Here is the report this morning from the Frederick News Post (and by the way, most of us never saw the handful of demonstrators outside):

More than 400 movie-goers showed up at Frederick Community College on Thursday night to watch a film about illegal immigration, recently endorsed by County Commissioners’ President Blaine Young and his supporters.

A high-spirited crowd laughed and applauded throughout a documentary entitled “They Come to America.” The film showing doubled as fundraiser for Young, who is exploring a run for governor. He asked supporters to make donations even though admission was free.

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins co-hosted the event with Young, who purchased 300 copies of the illegal immigration film for those in attendance Thursday. He credited Jenkins with making illegal immigration in Frederick County an issue, but Jenkins turned the spotlight back onto Blaine, thanking him for support.

“What you are going to see here tonight is the truth about immigration,” Jenkins told the crowd after being welcomed by a standing ovation.

Read it all.

* Young has announced he is planning to run for governor in 2014.   You can visit his website, here, to learn more and to make a donation.



  1. Lynch’s movie does not offer much new to those of us who are already aware of the threat of illegal immigration to America’s way of life. But it is an EXCELLENT introduction to the problem for people who don’t (or don’t want to) understand how illegal immigration hurts everyone — including the illegal immigrants themselves. Lynch comes off as likeable, even handed, calm and compassionate. He’s not angry and won’t turn off your apolitical friends like many conservative radio hosts do.

    Everyone should buy a copy (or 3) of the DVD and share with family, friends and neighbors who still have romantic notions of illegal immigrants.

  2. […] I am assuming filmmaker Dennis Lynch will be on hand as well.  At the Frederick showing, here, Lynch announced that his next project is on the Tea […]

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