Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 22, 2012

“Insider” says Obama White House planning ‘false flag’ event in Tampa

In light of my post yesterday about the fact that we need to talk about the possibility that the Obama campaign will “by any means necessary” try to stay in power, we all better add the blog “The Ulsterman Report” to our daily reading list.

Seems they have a new alert from “Insider” about that news we heard yesterday that bumbling Joe Biden would be in Tampa when the GOP Convention gets underway.  Kind of makes you wonder if the planning was happening during the time we thought that Biden had been sent to the ‘time-out’ chair.  They probably told poor ol’ Joe he had to take one for the team.

The Ulsterman (hat tip: Doug):

That Biden visit to Tampa got my wheels spinning.  What the hell are they up to?  How far is Biden willing to go to remain relevant?  To stay on the ticket?  So I put some feelers out to the WH.  Got lots of people willing to talk and share these days.

Here’s the deal…

Read the whole post.

Looks like Valerie Rasputin Jarrett is involved.   I wouldn’t put it past this bunch to purposely hint at such events to make us look a bit nutty chasing false flag stories, so….

Let’s make this fun!   Remember Alinsky’s 5th rule—ridicule is the most powerful political weapon.  And, let me be clear, ridicule used effectively is the O-man’s Achilles heel.  Call it false false flag fun and make sure we keep laughing—at them!



  1. Obama is going to LITERALLY throw SloJo under the bus in Tampa?

    • Yikes! He knows all about throwing people under buses….but LITERALLY! And, in a hurricane!

      Remember his poor grand ma (Tut) and the black man she was afraid of! Do you know he used that same story when he got his first Community organizing job right out of Columbia. He used it in the job interview to help build his black victim image…

  2. Hey, Ann — maybe it was your post and not Hurricane Isaac that saved Clueless Joe from getting thrown under the bus today:

    • Yeh, sure it was. I’m sure ol’Joe checks in for Tea Party news every morning at PTPR! Good story though and will hopefully get a minute to post it tomorrow…

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