Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 21, 2012

Palin and Jim DeMint PAC endorse Dan Bongino for US Senate

Former Alaska Governor and VP candidate, Sarah Palin, has announced her support for Dan Bongino in his battle to unseat incumbent and hard left MD Senator Ben Cardin.

From the Examiner:

Former Alaskan Governor and Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee weighs in on the U.S. Senate contest in Maryland, joining another conservative PAC in supporting the first time Republican candidate

While many liberal-leaning news publications and political analysts have written off the second highest political campaign on this year’s Maryland ballot – second only to the Presidential contest; the infamous conservative Alaskan, and ‘unofficial’ leader of the Tea Party, apparently believes the race is still open for a Republican revolt.

Former Alaskan Governor and 2008 Vice-President Nominee, Sarah Palin, has decided to put the force of her endorsement behind the attractive United States Senate Republican nominee, Dan Bongino. The political novice and former secret service agent for the last three United State’s Presidents, Bongino looks to parlay a career in national service into an elected office that has always been seen as the ‘Good Ole Boy’s’ club of politics.

And, the Senate’s most conservative Tea Party stalwart, Senator Jim DeMint, has also thrown his backing behind Bongino.   DeMint, for your information, has the highest (99%) Heritage Foundation Action Score of anyone in the US Senate!   Contrast DeMint’s 99% to Senator Ben (Obamacare!) Cardin’s 5%!  5%! 

And as Bongino challenges the powerful democratic political-establishment in Maryland, he continues to look for the support and guidance of others that have faced and defeated entrenched, out-of-touch politicians. However, Palin doesn’t seem to be the only outside support Bongino looks to receive, as Senator Jim DeMint’s PAC, the Senate Conservatives Fund, has also endorsed the first time candidate. On their website, the PAC endorses Bongino – along with three others from across the country – by saying that there isn’t a candidate in the country who has more passion for conservative principles than Dan Bongino.

So tell me why Americans for Prosperity MD has to go campaign in Virginia?

I’ve been receiving alerts asking me to go to Virginia to help campaign against Obama there.  I get that, since Virginia is a key state needed to remove Obama from the White House, but do we have enough grassroots folks with enough time to do Virginia and still have time and energy leftover to help all of our good candidates here in MarylandDan Bongino, Ken Timmerman, Roscoe Bartlett and others.  Not to mention the fact that we have three major referendum votes (four if you include gambling) that we need to educate the voters on.

Admittedly I haven’t been following AFP Maryland, but does anyone know what they are doing to help win the ballot initiatives on illegal immigration, gay marriage and re-districting?  Or, are there plans for their members to hit the pavement for Bongino, Timmerman, Bartlett and the other Republicans?  I didn’t see any on their website.  Please correct me if there are and I will update this post!

Hey, here is an idea!  How about an AFP bus for Bongino!



  1. I understand your frustration; with all that conservative Marylanders have on our plates right now it may be hard to understand why AFP would divide its forces and work in another state.

    My conversations with Nick from AFP imply to me that AFP is taking a more national approach to all of our problem, that being throwing Obama out and taking the senate, nationally. They think that their (our) best strategy to taking the senate is to concentrate their efforts in some key states like Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, etc.

    Maryland is a very BLUE state, witness the outrageous laws that they have passed here like the three going to referendum for example. I think that AFP feels that we have a better chance of reaching our altimate goals, getting rid of OBama and taking the senate, if they stay the strategy of concentrating on the states that they feel they can turn, and are asking Marylanders to help with that.

    In other words, and I do not speak for AFP, I think our goals are both the same, and different. We all want Obama gone, and a conservative congress, and I think that is AFP’s focus. We, on the other hand, have different objectives here in Maryland. That being the 3 referendums and supporting Bongino, Timberman and Bartlett.

    My thought on the subject is this: If there are Marylanders that want to help tackle the big picture, go ahead and help AFP in Virginia, if Marylanders prefer to stay local, get the word out, put a sign in your yard, write a letter to the editor, whatever, then do that.

    If AFP is successful in their “big picture approach,” Obama ‘s gone, Harry Reid loses power, we get the senate, and WE WIN!

    IF we (state-wise) put enough Bongino, Timberman, and Bartlett signs in our yards, write letters to the editor, etc., get rid of Cardin, then WE WIN again.

    Personally, I am going to work locally. God willing.

    • Greg, I have no problem either with people deciding where they are going to put their time and energy. I just want people to know some groups aren’t necessarily with us on some issues that many of us care about—like the immigration issue, or traditional marriage for that matter. AFP will not touch the immigration issue mostly because some in their national leadership are open borders and believe we need the laborers. And, that is fine, as long as all the people putting time in with them understand exactly where they are coming from. I’m not saying they don’t do good work in their arena. Just that they were around before the Tea Party and they have a business/tax focus.

  2. IIRC, Americans for Prosperity is TERRIBLE on the subject of immigration.

    It is my impression that AFP thinks it’s bad when Big Government wastes our tax dollars, but it’s perfectly OK when BIg Business uses our tax dollars to subsidize the living costs of their cheap immigrant labor pool.

    Anyone know differently?

    • AFP does not touch the immigration issue, just as most establishment Republicans don’t—either because they are chickens or they want the cheap labor. What else could it be?

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  5. Perhaps you need to understand their mission statement and what they are and are not legally set up to do. Just like the Hagerstown TEA Party is not set up to legally endorse or campaign for candidates, the AFP is bound legally to only educate the public on Conservative issues.

    They are NOT CAMPAIGNING in Virginia. The are NOT asking anyone to stop the important work that they are doing in Maryland or in MD campaigns. They are ONLY ASKING for two (2) days out of one month to help make a difference in a very critically key state that could determine the election. They are not campaigning. They are educating Virginia voters about the importance of free markets vs European-style Socialism and how this election could actually determine the direction of this country towards one or the other.

    I am getting weary of Conservatives condemning other Conservatives for the work that they are doing! We aren’t all going to agree on every issue. We aren’t all going to commit our precious time and money to the same issue or cause. BUT WE ALL HAVE TO UNITE AGAINST THE LIBERALS. The Liberals are great at this!

    We have to fight this monster from every direction. I thank God for the work each and every person is doing and if I could do it all with you I would, but I can’t. Nobody can. I just wish that we could tip our hats to one another and be grateful for one another.

    If you don’t want to reach out to a critical group of voters that are physically within our reach…then don’t. But don’t condemn those who do!

    I am proud to be working with the AFP on Prosperity Knocks! If anyone has any questions feel free to call me at 301-992-6943 or email me at If you are interested in participating go to for more information or to to register to go.

    Good luck and God bless to all that all of you are doing to turn this country around!

    • Lynda, For people who have all the time in the world, a trip to Virginia is a great idea. But, for the first time (maybe ever) we have a lot of action right here in Maryland for people to work on—-not just great candidates but those ballot initiatives. I agree we all have to work against the liberals. And, that we don’t always agree on every issue—that some Republicans are open borders/pro-gay marriage—so I also believe very strongly that grassroots folks need to fully understand which group is which and who they are working for, and then decide how best to use their time:

  6. Ann,
    Thank you for the reply to my comment. However, it did seem to blow off some very important facts. I think your readers deserve to also know what is good about AFP.
    First, they need to understand that AFP and HTP CANNOT campaign for Bongino or anyone else, and you didn’t acknowledge that in your response. It’s very important. Individuals in both groups can and do work on campaigns.
    Do you give them credit for the grassroots effort to educate the public on free markets versus Socialism and acknowledge that this is a critical issue for this campaign?
    Certainly your readers understand the importance of Virginia in this election as every news media, left or right, is correctly reporting?
    Do your readers know that AFP was key in Governor Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin using this same strategy that they are attempting in Virginia?
    They are not asking for “all the time in the world.” They are only asking for TWO (2) days. That’s all.
    Thank you for allowing me to defend the work that I am promoting.

    • Lynda, Can’t they apply the Scott Walker strategy in Maryland? Or whatever they are doing in Wisconsin to help Tommy Thompson, for some of our good candidates? And, apparently no one was thinking about the importance of Virginia when they treated their delegation so badly in Tampa. What the RNC did there with the rule change was to effectively push Virginians into the arms of some third parties. That is not AFPs fault of course but I didn’t see them speak against it like Freedom Works did. I agree that AFP does some very good work on some things, but avoids other issues important to Tea Partiers—like immigration and the social issues including marriage—and that is their right to do. I just want everyone to understand all that and to understand their narrow mission, that is what bloggers are supposed to do and what journalists used to do.

      You are welcome to write a guest post here at PTPR and explain why the Virginia project is important for Marylanders to do…just put the text into the body of an e-mail and I can transfer it to the front page. Thanks!

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