Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 20, 2012

‘2016: Obama’s America’ the movie is coming to Maryland

Update August 23rd:  Let’s help make this a “blockbuster,” recapture that Chick-fil-A feeling, here.

Update August 21st:  If the number of google searches bringing people to this post are any indication, the movie (2016) will be a blockbuster in Maryland!

Looks like this is shaping up as summer movie week for Maryland Tea Partiers.  If you haven’t seen the powerful illegal immigration documentary everyone is talking about, you can see it free on Thursday night in Frederick, here.

Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘2016: Obama’s America’ will open in select theaters across the state on Friday.  I’m looking forward to seeing it, but am not sure that I buy D’Souza’s theory that Obama is motivated largely by an anti-colonialism mindset, so I hope there is much more to the movie than that.

Having read a lot about Obama’s formative years I tend to be in the category of those who think he isn’t that smart and driven, but due to an incredible quirk of history he came together with a group of people who put him where he is today.  Two members of the group (that we know of) have commie roots:  Valerie ‘Rasputin‘ Jarrett and David ‘The Ax’ Axelrod (or is that ‘hammer and sickle‘ Axelrod?).

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to seeing the movie, but hope it’s not entirely about anti-colonialism.  No matter, it will surely include information that we have never heard before and will continue to create controversy as we approach the November elections.

Here are the MD theaters debuting the film on Friday:

August 24

Bel Air Cinema Stadium 14
Abingdon, MD

Bow Tie Harbour 9
Annapolis, MD

AMC Ownings Mills 17
Baltimore, MD

Snowden Square Stadium 14
Columbia, MD

Westview Stadium 16
Frederick, MD

AMC Loews Rio 18
Gaithersburg, MD

Germantown 14
Germantown, MD

Valley Mall Stadium 16
Hagerstown, MD

Cinemark Egyptian 24
Hanover, MD

Salisbury Stadium 16
Salisburry, MD

Majestic 20 & IMAX
Silver Springs, MD



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