Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 17, 2012

Maryland’s highest court says voters will decide redistricting issue in November

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Hagerstown, Maryland – Earlier today the Maryland Court of Appeals upheld the validation of signatures by the Maryland Board of Elections and decided that the congressional redistricting map will go before the voters this coming November. intervened in the case to defend each and every one of the validated signatures with Judicial Watch representing them.

In reaction to the news,’s Chairman Neil Parrott indicated that, “Today is a great victory for all Maryland Voters.  We are pleased that voters will a say on what is likely the most gerrymandered congressional map in the country.  On Election Day, we expect that both Democrats and Republicans will overturn these undemocratic and divisive congressional maps.”

“Governor O’Malley and certain Democrat powerbrokers will be held accountable to the will of the people of Maryland,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Our lawyers were honored to protect the right of voters to exercise their right to keep in check the excesses of the politicians in Annapolis.

Maryland’s map is likely the most gerrymandered congressional map in the entire country.  An independent group “Redistricting the Nation”, has shown that three of Maryland’s eight congressional districts are ranked in the top ten worst gerrymandered congressional districts out of 435 total congressional districts.  Source –

As a part of an earlier court decision regarding the map, Appellate Judge Neimeyer indicated that, “In form, the original Massachusetts Gerrymander looks tame by comparison.”  Appellate Judge Titus, in a concurring opinion, called the 3rd District a “Rorschach-like eyesore” and the map as a whole a “blatant political gerrymander.”

Speaking on behalf of the Fannie Lou Hamer PAC, who helped bring the lawsuit against the Congressional Districting map, Radamase Cabrera indicated that, “We applaud the Judge Bell decision and look forward to the citizens of MD having an opportunity to reject the states new congressional district.”

Delegate Parrott and other Delegates of both parties this spring, and in the special session, offered various bills in an effort to change the process of congressional redistricting so that a non-partisan board could draw the maps.  All of the bills were stopped without a committee vote even allowed on the bills.

As a first reaction to hearing that the Maryland Democrat Party was suing the Maryland Board of Elections, Delegate Parrott indicated that, “Frankly, I’m surprised Maryland Democrat Leaders are suing to stop the people of Maryland from voting on the redistricting map this coming November.  The current map suppresses minority voting interests and divides communities.  With this lawsuit, they are actively working to suppress voters throughout Maryland.”

Delegate Parrott went on to say that, “Rather than playing political games, I would hope that Governor O’Malley and other leaders of the Maryland Democrat Party would look to help our communities, do what makes sense, and allow the Maryland Referendum process to work.”

Update August 18th:  I hadn’t previously noted (but see it here in this story) that Joey, the silencer, Sandler was also the MD Democrat Party’s attorney on this case too (in addition to CASAs attorney in the earlier petition case).  Looks like ol’ Joey is on a losing streak here in MD!   Be sure to click on this link to learn more about the DNC kingpin lawyer.  And, if you want to know more, we have 37 posts in our Joseph Sandler category here.  Sandler resides in Maryland.



  1. Guess it’s time to send another donation to Judicial Watch!

    • Yes, for sure… and MD Petitions too!

  2. I knew it was up for decision today but had not heard the outcome. This is great news. The people of Md went three for three.

    Now lets see how confusing Gansler can make the language of the referendums!

    • Looking forward to November!

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