Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 16, 2012

One thousand illegal alien kids line up at CASA de Maryland for their work permits

Earlier this morning, I posted here on a report that CASA de Maryland is telling some “kids” that if they have had any run-ins with the law to hold off applying for the Obama work amnesty.

I see the Maryland Reporter has another story about CASA posted this morning telling us how many eager kids are signing up to be identified, fingerprinted and submit to background checks.    You can read the whole article by reporter  Glynis Kazanjian here.   Be sure to read about those new estimated numbers for the kids who want to get subsidized college educations in Maryland!

But one other thing popped out at me.  There is a line in the story attributed to Gustavo Torres himself where he says that CASA has a $7 million annual budget and gets $2.8 million from government funding.

Casa receives an estimated $2.8 million annually from federal, state and local government funding, according to Torres. Their annual budget is $7 million.

If CASA is getting $2.8 million from government grants and contracts they sure didn’t report that on their most recent Form 990, here. (FY 2010)   Go to page 9 and see that the government funding line is blank.    And, as a matter of fact compare that Form 990 with the two previous years and see that CASA’s funding has decreased significantly over those three years.

In FY 2010 (most recent form available) they list receipts as $5 million with NO government funding.

In FY 2009 they received nearly $12 million with $4.9 million coming from government (well, really from you the taxpayer).

In FY 2008 their receipts were $9.4 million with $3.3 million from you (taxpayers).

Now, visit here and see that they indeed did get some federal grants (from the Dept. of  Labor and from the Dept. of the Treasury) during the period in which they listed NO government funding.  Incidentally, those Treasury grants are to teach illegal aliens how to file tax returns (no joke!).

Calling all accountants or tax attorneys!

I’m not an accountant or tax attorney so maybe someone could tell me how they can do that—get government money and not report it to the public on their tax forms!

Perhaps more significantly, what can we conclude from their apparent decline in income (if it is that and not some funny-money bookkeeping)?  Could it be that maybe, just maybe, past funders are catching on to their racket!



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  2. Based on the number of lawsuits they are filing, and losing, they must be getting money from somewhere (Unless Torrez and the gang are working for nothing…NOT!)

  3. Essentially all the revenue listed under Sec. V111 “Contracts” is from Mont. Co. & Fed funding. Funds from MoCo were reduced YE 6/11 due to county budget reductions.

    • Thanks Debra, Are federal grants for such things as the tax prep training courses considered contracts? They are listed as grants at USA Also, tell me, has CASA’s finances really taken a beating, looks like it was halved in one year?

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