Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 13, 2012

NumbersUSA gives Romney Veep pick a C-grade on immigration

This is how Roy Beck, President of NumbersUSA, begins his analysis of Rep. Paul Ryan’s stance on immigration issues.

The good news about Mitt Romney’s pick to be his vice presidential running mate is that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) doesn’t seem to have put a lot of thought into immigration policy and doesn’t seem to have deep ideological reasons for his poor immigration record during his 14 years in Congress.

Since Ryan is known for his passion and hard work in pressing for his policy goals, a lack of passion on immigration looks to be a good thing, given that I don’t like a lot of his immigration positions of the past.

We have reason to hope that he has no passion for the bad immigration actions he has taken in the past and would not be committed to advocating for them if elected Vice President this fall.

I highly recommend that you read Beck’s whole thesis on Ryan.

Beck goes on to say that the more important consideration is that Romney has made some serious promises on immigration that Beck expects him to keep.


He has made these promises very publicly and repeatedly.  I have a great deal of confidence that he will not feel he can politically backtrack on them.

Gov. Romney has promised:

* to remove the jobs magnet from illegal immigration,

* to promote mandatory E-Verify,

* to eliminate legal immigration categories that don’t serve the national interest,

* to fully implement the border fence and the entry-exit system already passed by Congress.

We will be watching…



  1. Romney will be better on immigration than Obama, that’s clear. But it’s also clear that neither party is eager to do much to stop illegal immigration or curb out-of-control legal immigration. So it’s up to the states, the localities and the grass roots to drive the agenda.

  2. […] mentioned NumbersUSA’s scorecard yesterday, here, which strictly involves issues related to immigration, but the Heritage Foundation has a scorecard […]

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