Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 8, 2012

Second chance to see important documentary film on illegal immigrants

If you missed last night’s showing of “They come to America” in Carroll County, you have another opportunity this evening in Rockville.

Here is the press announcement from Help Save Maryland:


Help Save Maryland ACTION ALERT

Please join Help Save Maryland and our friends from the Maryland Society of Patriots as we jointly host a viewing of the new and enlighting film,


“The Must See Illegal Immigration Film So Many People Don’t Want You To See!”

Our guest speaker for the evening will be Dennis Michael Lynch, the producer of the film. Dennis will provide background on how this important film came to be and will take questions from the audience.

See his website at

WHEN: Wednesday, August 8, 2012, 7pm-9pm

WHERE: Rockville Town Library, 21 Maryland Avenue, 2nd Floor Meeting Room, Rockville, MD 20850 – Montgomery County – “The Belly of the Beast”

Free Admission – Donations Welcome! DVDs of Film will be available.


Leaders from HSM and MSOP will provide an update on the latest illegal immigration issues confronting Maryland and the status of the upcoming voter referendum concerning In-State College Tuition for Illegal Immigrants on the November 6, 2012 ballot.

Details of Obama’s Amnesty sellout of the American Worker will also be discussed as millions of Illegal Alien “Dreamers” begin to sign up for work permits, despite the 8.3% and rising unemployment rate for American citizens!


Contact Brad Botwin, HSM,, 240-447-1884
Press/Media Welcome for Interviews


This just came in from Brad Botwin about last night’s showing of the film in Carroll County:

Kudos to our friends at WE THE PEOPLE of Carroll County.  Over 300 Maryland citizens came to watch the hard hitting film on illegal immigration, “They Come To America” and listen to film producer Dennis Michael Lynch.  This film is a must watch for every Maryland citizen!

CASA of Maryland members including illegal alien students and their radical partners from A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) tried to disrupt the film. They were handing out propaganda about the “benefits” of providing In-State College Tuition for illegal aliens.  Illegal aliens who can’t legally work, vote or get a drivers’ license in Maryland!

Most disturbing however is CASA’s alignment with ANSWER.  Besides supporting in-state college tuition and Amnesty for all illegal aliens, ANSWER publically praises terrorists who kill US troops, is anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, pro-Castro, and pro-North Korea.  It is a front group of the Stalinist/Maoist Workers World Party.  It’s time for Gustavo Torres, leader of CASA to denounce ANSWER and ban them from all CASA and similar events in Maryland!




  1. Ann: When I heard Dennis Lynch being interviewed I knew we had to get him to Maryland. I contacted him and he replied back to me right away. I saw the film last night that was hosted by “We the People” in Carroll County. I have reviewed and given commentary below- which should be on Dennis’ website. I am sure that the Rockville showing tonight will be just as successful. Thank you for promoting this. You will love this film!


    We arranged for a screening of this film in the illegal alien
    sanctuary of Maryland on Wed August 7- WHAT A FANTASTIC FILM!
    Finally, a gifted film maker who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

    Dennis Lynch WAS fair and balanced, because I was cringing at some of
    the interviews- especially the illegal alien activist lawyer who never
    gave him a straight answer. He CERTAINLY ALLOWED THESE PEOPLE TO GET
    THEIR VIEW POINT ACROSS. To those who are saying that this film is
    BIASED, well you are WRONG. He went with his camera and what he found
    he filmed

    Crisply edited, moving, painfully sad, scary, funny and at times
    heart stopping. Every American who cares about this country surviving
    should see this film. For those like the CASA de MD people who came to
    see the film- and stayed for ten minutes and then walked out in a
    hissy when they didn’t like what they saw- You CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
    The truth is you DON’T like America and you spit on our Constitution!

    It was sadly hilarious watching the politicians- Democrat and
    Republican both- avoid Dennis and crew when they were asked the hard
    questions. He also is a very warm, genuine and funny guy. Great
    speaker. Thank you Dennis! We love you in The People’s Republic of
    O’CASA de Malley Land!

  2. Your comments and articles based upon racism are completely ignorant, let me remind you that “we the people…” the first words of our constitution, do not reflect “us white people” or “us African american people” or “us Hispanic america people” the four fathers started with “we the people…” because they understood and were educated enough to realize that just as the nation was coming together then with new settlers and IMMIGRANTS legal and illegal in addition to slaves. The same pattern was going to occur as the Nation became bigger and better. “We the people…” reflects all populations and ethnic backgrounds that make this wonderful nation #1 in the world (that’s debatable, but I like to think that MY country the U.S.A…is THE best nation in the world)…so quit your bashing and complaining about the illegals…because I can assure you that somewhere down your family line, your ancestors at one point were completely foreign to this great Nation and its principles of democracy. And they too were harassed and discriminated against…who are you to tell anyone they don’t belong here when the only legacy you and your ancestors have left is the same stupid racist system for others to follow….folks should focus on how to fix issues in a proactive and constructive way and not by destroying someones chances of improving their education and lifestyle. The only way this nation and the world can and will move forward is if you clearly educate all these ignorant people who can not see beyond their backyards and realize that we can only improve if we work together for a much greater America…rather than fight/argue among ourselves and determine who is more Amuuuurrrcan than the other one -_-

    • Frank, you know what I think is so fascinating—your bigotry against Amuuuuurrrcan’s you perceive to be less enlightened or less intelligent (“ignorant” in your words). I’ve noticed this about Left wingers you think you are the good people—you give us all this talk about getting along, working together, fixing problems, and then use a slur and call us ignorant.

    • Just WHO are you addressing Frank. Ann or me? You must be with CASA de MDs propaganda staff. I HAVE NO ILLEGAL ALIENS IN MY BACKGROUND AND MY FAMILY FOUGHT IN WARS TO DEFEND THIS GREAT COUNTRY AND THEY HELPED BUiLD IT. This was before the days of the illegal aliens who have invaded ourr country for hand outs. We cannot have a soverign country without borders. Dennis film hit a nerve eh? Ann is a wonderful writer and she tells it like it is. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT STOP SUBSCRIBING TO HEr BLOG. We will be carrying on our fight REGARDLESS of what you and your KOMRADs do

      • Notice that FRANK is the first one to interject RACE into this dialogue. That is all the lefty KOMMIES have is THE RACE CARD.

  3. Frank this isn’t a race issue at all. I feel insulted that you compare our ancestors to the immigrants of today. Very different.. My ancestors came to Ellis island crowded in a boat like cattle. They had their papers to identify themselves and were given a health checkup. Very minimal back then but a health check just the same. If their health was questionable they were sent back to the old country separating them from their families. Those that passed their tests kissed the ground that they worshipped and continued on with their life in America. They didn’t have children until they could afford to support them and not rely on tax $$ to support them. They hung our flag with pride and not burn it.. They worshipped our grounds and not trash it. They respected our laws and enforced them. A big difference from the border jumpers of today. Many bring with them weapons, drugs and disease..The woman have babies for profit also known as anchor babies then the welfare systems.. They average more then 5 at taxpayer cost. We support their kids through 12th grade costing maryland $1billion a year . Now they want us to subsidize their college tuition for kids aged 18-80. Can your child go to another state and get instate tuition? NO.. it will cost us millions or more a year. Md taxpayers pay an estimated $1.9 BILLION A YEAR TO THEIR PARENTS WHO get welfare while working OUR JOBS? Its a felon to hire them yet in this once beautiful state it has become a cesspool of corruption and anything goes. They are now known as “new americans”.They are allowed to work anywhere they want. Very few are becoming citizens because it is more productive to stay undocumented. They are getting drivers license and a voters card. They now have ballots in spanish. You have to see them working our highways and landscaping projects. At least 7-8 out of 10 are “illegal”.. They working with Verizon and other companies like whiting turner, gray and son etc through subcontractors although it is illegal to hire them and rent to them. They come to maryland because we pay well and allow them to work. NO Frank.. not the immigrants of yesteryear and citizens should not be forced to support non citizens especially since most are on welfare.. No id needed in most cases… you really should see this movie it is bipartisan and shows both sides.. Its a nightmare..

  4. whats racist about it? If they want to come here at least have $$ to support themselves and not rely on other people’s money. They use and abuse and many liberal politicians rely on their vote and the support of Casa de Md a group that is 47% supported with our tax $$ and a group that shows illegals how to get on the system and get jobs. They even have several day labor offices that connect illegals with employers for jobs mostly day cash job. ALL OF IT IS ILLEGAL AND IGNORED BY OUR CORRUPT

  5. I attended the screening at Rockville. There were at least 15 young people who arrived as a group, wearing tape over their mouths. One had a box over his head with a cutout for his face and the words “Talk to a Real Latino.” They were polite, and when the room filled up they gave their seats to those who had come to see the movie and stood in the back.

    Two things struck me about their presence.

    First, it appears that they were not organized by CASA de Maryland, but by A.N.S.W.E.R. This bothers me, since A.N.S.W.E.R. comes from outside Maryland and espouses very radical, very anti-American, and very anti-free market beliefs. When the same group that has praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il and Serbian war criminal Slobodan Milosevic shows up in my state supporting in-state tuition for illegal aliens, I have to ask, “Why?”

    Second, all the young people repeated a variation of “Why do you hate us/latinos/people who are not like you? Instead of being divided, we should be working together.”

    To me, this sounded like a rapist asking, “Why do you hate men? Instead of fighting, we should be loving each other.”

    • casa and others feasting on our kids for their cruel tactics. These kids are vulnerable and need to be educated. We aren’t talking about latino’s but illegals who use abuse and steal our jobs and resources..and the real blame goes on the politicians that allow it and don’t enforce the laws.. its a felon to hire them period!!

  6. […] We have previously established CASA de Maryland’s close alliance with international socialist and communist movements (Gustavo Torres himself is a Sandinista),  so it’s no surprise he would call on the commie kids from International A.N.S.W.E.R. to protest at a recent event in Westminster, MD (see our previous post, here). […]

  7. […] you missed the highly acclaimed documentary film that caused all the ruckus in Westminster and Rockville recently, you have another chance to see it in Frederick this next week! Blaine Young […]

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