Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 4, 2012

Poll Watcher training now available via webinar

Here is the latest from Election Integrity Maryland:

Election Integrity Maryland (EIM) is now offering Poll Watcher Training via webinar across the State of Maryland.

Due to increasing demand for poll watcher training in this election year, EIM is making its comprehensive Poll Watcher Training course available in webinar format in addition to onsite training.

“By offering our training over the computer, we not only reach more volunteers, the training also is more convenient for many people, who can take the course from the comfort of their home computer,” said Cathy Kelleher, EIM president.

The EIM Poll Watcher Training course is based on guidelines issued by the Maryland State Board of Elections.  Poll Watchers observe voting procedures at polling locations on election days and report any irregularities.

To be a Poll Watcher in Maryland, you must be a registered Maryland voter and have a Poll Watcher Certificate.

For more information about EIM and its Poll Watcher Training course, please visit

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