Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 1, 2012

Freedom of speech and a chicken sandwich….

…. I happily walked out of Chick-fil-A in Hagerstown today clutching my bag of take-home chicken club sandwiches!  I had to work my way back out through the crowds of cheerful folks to my car parked in another parking lot (you couldn’t get into the Chick-fil-A lot and the manager was out directing traffic on the road).

Best chicken sandwiches I ever ate because they came with a big helping of hope.

Not in my wildest dreams did I expect to see that many like-minded people who stopped what they were doing on a hot August day to bring children (lots of young families with kids!) out to make a statement for free speech and the right to hold on to traditional family values while doing business in America.  Wow!

And, what really struck me was the thought that no one in their right mind would stand there that long for “fast” food if that’s all they came for, but, of course, they didn’t.  Everyone (hundreds!) in that restaurant was there for one reason—to send a message that the sleeping giant will only take so much kicking—and it was incredibly empowering to be among them.

It reminded me of our first cold and rainy Hagerstown Tea Party, or that other hot August day when more than a thousand people lined up all day (most didn’t get in) at Hagerstown Community College to speak their minds to Senator Ben Cardin as he chaired the Obamacare hearings a couple of years ago.   Today, we were reminded again that we aren’t alone!

I only wish someone had thought of printing stickers for all those who were there—in most cities in America.   You know, like the ones you get after voting that say “I voted today.”    I wanted to wear a sticker that said “I ate at Chick-fil-A today!”  I felt I was there watching a bit of history unfolding….

More than once, I heard people say— November here we come! 

For those of you who have been off in a cave somewhere and are unfamiliar with the chicken sandwich of freedom and hope being offered at Chick-fil-A , read an excellent  background piece by our friend Doug Mainwaring published today at American Thinker.  It all began when some progressive (ahem!) Mayors attacked Chick-fil-A President, Dan Cathy, when he said he believed in traditional marriage.   And, because of those views those ‘tolerant’ mayors vowed to keep his company out of “their” towns!

The tables have now been turned, thanks to everyone who made this a great day at Chick-fil-A (whew! who would have ever guessed!)

I look forward to posting some of your reactions from Chick-fil-As across Maryland, but right now I have farm chores to attend and hungry mouths to feed.

Update:  Here is an idea I just saw on facebook—buy a Chick-fil-A T-shirt!   Wear it out when you are out and about….

Update August 2:   The Hagerstown Herald Mail reported the story.   Martinsburg Chick-fil-A received a bomb threat.

Reader Cathy sent us a link from the National Organization for Marriage with the most photos I’ve seen about the turnout around the country.  There were lines at California restaurants and in downtown DC—can you believe it!

Update August 3:  If you happened to miss the story about a customer harassing a Chick-fil-A drive-in worker, the creep who harassed her was fired from his job.  The Huffington Post has the story, here.

Mainstream media blacks out the story, here, at the Weekly Standard.  It is really stupid of the big news outlets to not highlight this story because everyone who was there (millions!) know it happened and local news outlets reported the news, so it becomes even more obvious that the big media is trying to hide news from the public.

Update August 4:  Kiss-in lays an egg, here.  Shows how little support there is for radical political gay marriage agenda.


  1. I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who felt that awesome vibe, the same vibe I felt at Tea Party gatherings, and at Restoring Honor. November is coming, and we are ready!

    • You were definitely not alone! And, I should have mentioned Restoring Honor because that too felt the same way (maybe on a little bigger scale!)….

  2. […] I’m often critical of the reporting of the Hagerstown Herald Mail, but was pleased to see today that they accurately covered the Chick-fil-A appreciation day in Hagerstown and reported the bomb threat in Martinsburg.   I had wondered if any local media was covering what had to be the biggest news in town yesterday.  See my previous post. […]

  3. I got all teary eyed when i saw the people waiting!

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