Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 31, 2012

Looks like Cardin will get his wish—gay marriage plank in Democrat Party platform

Update:  Black pastors today launched an anti-Obama campaign over issue of gay marriage, here.

Politico reported yesterday that the drafting committee for the Democrat Party platform has approved a Gay Marriage plank to be presented to the party’s 2012 convention in North Carolina Sept. 3-6.

Readers will recall that Maryland Senator Ben Cardin was a chief pusher of the pro-gay marriage plank.   See our posts here and here earlier this year.

Politico reports that there wasn’t even any controversy among the drafters—so that says to me they said to themselves we don’t care one bit about the values of some of our Black and Hispanic voters.

Democrats are set to include a pro-gay marriage plank in their convention platform for the first time in history, party sources confirm to POLITICO. The language was approved unanimously by a 15-member platform draft committee, and now heads for approval by the full platform committee in August.

The party’s Platform Drafting Committee agreed, unanimously, to approve the language at a meeting this weekend in Minneapolis.

A source in the meeting said the decision was “not controversial.”

The language will not become official until the party’s full Platform Committee meets Aug. 10 in Detroit.

The effort to include gay marriage in the platform gained increased momentum after President Barack Obama announced in May that his views on the issue had changed to support legalization.

“I don’t think that we had any issues that were controversial,” one member of the committee said Monday. “I think we were pretty much in sync and in agreement with where we ended up.”

Don’t forget Chick-fil-A appreciation day tomorrow—August 1!

First, here is the back story from ten days ago also from Politico.   The gay marriage lobby is out to destroy the fastfood restaurant Chick-fil-A because of the pro-family views of its chief executive.   Tomorrow show your support for free speech and the freedom of conscience and dine at a Chick-fil-A near you!  I plan to!

Here is the announcement:

Dine at your nearby Chick-fil-A restaurant tomorrow (August 1) and show support for the right of the restaurant’s founder and owner to hold his convictions about gay marriage without punishment from government officials.  This
event is NOT an anti-gay event.  It is a PRO Freedom of Conscience event.  (Chick-fil-A locator is here.)


  1. I am not a BIG fan of chicken, but my wife and grandson are, so…it’s off to Chick-fil-A tomarrow. And, be sure to let the manager know why you are there!

    • Good idea! Thanks for reminding us!

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