Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 29, 2012

Sen. Ben Cardin’s top contributor linked to the Chicago/Axelrod/Obama (and Boehner!) nexus

I haven’t kept up my “Cardin Watch” category, but just today I was having a look at Senator Ben Cardin (and Mikulski) running around the state and giving out goodies (grants! from you, the taxpayer) to local fire departments.  I know those local companies need the financial help but it is so blatantly obvious that this is being done now to buy votes when Cardin has a serious challenger in Daniel Bongino this November.

But, along with my fire company stories was this link to Cardin’s funders.  And, top of the list is an energy company called ExelonCorp which is big in nuclear power plants, but is also expected to reap enormous benefits if that whole d*** carbon tax thing goes into effect.   I hope that the Bongino team is exploiting some of the information on who is donating to keep Cardin in the Senate, but it interested me to see that Cardin’s top donor—Exelon—has the following political connections (from wikipedia):

Chicago mayor, former Congressman and Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was a “key player” representing Unicom Corp., the parent of Commonwealth Edison, in forging its merger with Peco Energy Co. to create utility giant Exelon Corp. in 1999 when Goldman Sachs was also advising Unicom.[13][10] Additionally, “Obama’s top political strategist, David Axelrod, was a consultant for Exelon.”[10]

Exelon’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is EXELONPAC.[14] The company is positioned to profit from “expensive carbon” and has been lobbying for cap and trade of carbon dioxide emissions.[15] “Exelon CEO John Rowe is a vociferous and longtime advocate of climate change legislation. In 2009, Forbes reported that if the Waxman-Markey climate legislation — supported by Obama — became law, ‘the present value of Exelon’s earnings stream would increase by $14 a share, or 28%.'”[10] Executives at the company have close ties to the Obama administration as advisors and fundraisers.[15] “Frank Clark, CEO of Exelon’s Chicago-based subsidiary ComEd, was an Obama advisor and fundraiser, and Exelon director John Rogers has also raised funds for Obama.”[10]

Now, if you really want to barf, check out who else Exelon gives big bucks to!  Republicans!  Including Speaker John Boehner.  In fact, Exelon gave more money to Boehner (and to Republicans generally) than to Cardin! 

I’m not so naive that I don’t know that big corporations give money to both sides to cover their bets, but if you ever wonder how these schemes—like cap and trade/carbon taxes—never go away, follow the money.

Gosh, any chance Boehner and Exelon are involved in the American Enterprise Institute going rogue here on a carbon tax?

Readers:  Once we get past November, I think Maryland grassroots activists need to start getting more deeply involved in energy policy issues.



  1. I feel you ” serious challenger Bongino” but I could never see him winning based upon the info. in your story. Maybe a campaign to replace every job taken by an illegal alien in Md. with a legal resident. Now that’s a pledge some Democrats and Independents may listen to. How could he get coverage by the media standing with citizens who have been displaced by illegal workers?Who knows? Small companies ravaged and under bid by competitors who employ cheap labor illegals and the self employed in the construction field may listen too. Hard to overcome gifts and promises. But just maybe.

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