Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 26, 2012

21 minutes to a better understanding of the RINO attack on Rep. Bachmann

Update July 27:  More from Andrew McCarthy about Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood, here.

Regular readers know that I’ve posted several times in the last few days about how critical the situation has become involving the RINO (Republican in name only) attack on Rep. Michele Bachmann and her courageous House colleagues seeking information about the extent of Muslim Brotherhood tentacles into various US government agencies.  Previous posts are here, here (Norquist!) and here.

Please spend 21 minutes listening to radio host Mark Levin’s interview with Andy McCarthy, here, for a mini-tutorial on this critical issue of national security.

It is time to choose sides—either you are with Bachmann (and her fellow House members) or with the Muslim Brotherhood and its apologists which includes Speaker John Boehner and Senator John McCain.

Ask your Republican Member of Congress to decide and publicly announce where he or she stands!

By the way, McCarthy, author of The Grand Jihad, suggests near the end of the 21 minutes that in light of this latest situation with Bachmann that there may no longer be any reason to believe that the Republican Party can acquire a spine and be reformed from within.



  1. […] know I’ve been busy (no summer vacation here!) with my other blog, Potomac Tea Party Report, here (and below) is my post there this  morning.  And, if you want to understand the whole controversy please follow links to […]

  2. I heard the interview which, in my opinion, was very leading and somewhat contrived, but I see a bigger issue here. Shouldn’t the republicans be concentrating on getting rid of Obama? When high ranking republicans (Boehner and McCain,) during an election year, attack one of their own (Bachmann) in stead of attacking Obama, one has to wonder whose side they are on? Do McCain and Boehner think that they have to coddle to the Muslim brotherhood to get re-elected? Or, do they think that it is just the right thing to do? Perplexing!

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