Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 25, 2012

MD Dems taking State Board of Elections to court over re-districting petition

What are they afraid of—that the citizens of Maryland might have an opportunity to vote!  Aren’t they the ones always hollering about suppressing the vote?


Hagerstown, Maryland – Earlier today the Maryland Democrat Party announced their lawsuit against the Maryland Board of Elections in an attempt to stop Marylanders from voting on the 2012 congressional redistricting map.

The Maryland Board of Elections certified 59,201 signatures for the referendum to let Marylanders vote on the Congressional Redistricting map.  This certification exceeded the minimum 55,736 signatures needed to get the map on the ballot by 3,465 signatures.  The Board of Elections rejected 7,649 signatures.

In reaction to the news that the Maryland Democrat Party has filed the lawsuit,’s Chairman Neil Parrott indicated that, “ will work to defend each and every signature that has been validated by the Board of Elections.”

The Fannie Lou Hamer PAC took this map to Federal Court to have it overturned.  The court did not overturn the map, but Judge Titus indicated that, “The map is a blatant political gerrymander.”  Other judges had concurring opinions about the map and many were hopeful that the Maryland voters will have the final say regarding whether Maryland keeps this map or not.

Speaking on behalf of the Fannie Lou Hamer PAC, Radamase Cabrera indicated that, “The Democrat Party of Maryland is overreaching by trying to throw out signatures based on the way they were collected.  Clearly, we at the Fannie Lou Hamer PAC hope that the courts will side with the people of Maryland and that the people will decide whether to keep or reject the 2012 map.”

Delegate Parrott also indicated that, “Frankly, I’m surprised Maryland Democrat Leaders are suing to stop the people of Maryland from voting on the redistricting map this coming November.  The current map suppresses minority voting interests and divides communities.  With this lawsuit, they are actively working to suppress voters throughout Maryland.”

Delegate Parrott went on to say that, “Rather than playing political games, I would hope that Governor O’Malley and other leaders of the Maryland Democrat Party would look to help our communities, do what makes sense, and allow the Maryland Referendum process to work.”

I wonder if they are using DNC attorney Joey the silencer Sandler this time too?



  1. I saw the press release, I think it is a good move. As you know (witness the number of signatures collected, as compared to the number for illegal in-state tuition and the number for same sex marriage) the majority of people do not understand this issue. Many voters don’t even know what district they are in. The more exposure this gets the more people will become aware and understand what is at stake; I believe this works in our favor. In fact, I think that “in the press” is an exacting strategy to show the people that their democratic party is attempting to squelch their collective voice.

    We should not allow this to move quietly through the courts.

    • Very good points Greg!

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