Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 18, 2012

Hawaii Governor Abercrombie knows the truth (whatever it is!)

Readers, my cable has been giving me fits ever since we had that weird storm a couple of weeks ago—the cable company is now trying to figure out if the extreme heat is the problem as the line comes up across our farm fields a long distance from the road and might be getting overheated somehow.   And, that’s why my posting is sporadic.  I’m hoping I get through this one before it overheats again.

Funny that this morning I was mowing the north forty and thinking about Abercrombie—no kidding!   Remember how he said he was going to be sure that the real Obama birth certificate was released in Hawaii shortly after he became governor and here we are with daily news from people like Sheriff Joe who are still trying to get to the truth about the Obama “nativity” story.

Then, coincidentally (hat tip: Cathy) along comes a post at American Thinker about the good governor and his whoppers.

It seems that Abercrombie is the only person still ALIVE who claims to have known both Barack the Kenyan and Stanley Ann Dunham and be able to attest to their love for each other.

Here is Don Wilkie at American Thinker:

Ben Smith of Buzzfeed, when reviewing David Maraniss’ new book Barack Obama: The Story, “counted 38 instances in which the biographer convincingly disputes significant elements of Obama’s own story of his life and his family history.”

I’m reading the Maraniss book (slowly because a few pages each night puts me to sleep) but I can assure you Maraniss loves Obama and his story and when he disputes facts, he does it in the most gentle of terms.  For instance, you know how Barack Junior has said his father was part of the famous Tom Mboya’s air lift of  Kenyan students to America.  Well, it just isn’t so, Obama applied but was rejected.  It was a former Marylander working in Kenya — Betty Mooney — who befriended Obama and helped fund his enrollment at the U. of Hawaii.  Maraniss never tells us outright that Obama was turned down, but only completes his chapter by mentioning that Obama arrived in the US as the other students (Kenya’s best and brightest) were also arriving.

Readers, you should also know that Obama Sr. was later given the boot from Harvard before completing his PhD and deported (too many women and too much boozing at Harvard?).  Ah, alas, if only such simple transgressions could get one deported today.

Back to the story at hand, Wilkie continues:

This [facts now coming out] is bad news for Neil Abercrombie, governor of Hawaii.

He has said too many things on the record that don’t jibe with the facts as we now know them.  Yet in The Story, Maraniss relies heavily on this totally unreliable witness.  As Jack Cashill so insightfully noted, “[w]ithout Abercrombie, there is no contemporary witness to any kind of relationship [between Ann and Obama Sr.]”

Below are some of the whoppers Governor Abercrombie has told….

Return to the American Thinker post for the whoppers.

I first learned of the holes in the Obama nativity narrative by reading Sally Jacobs’ The Other Barack.  Jacobs has no dog in this fight and apparently sought to publish the truth as it came to her.  It was that business, now widely known and mentioned by Wilkie, that Stanley Ann Dunham Obama (?) had left Barack the senior and taken 3-week-old infant Barry to Seattle with her where, at 18 years old, had the financial wherewithal to rent an apartment, hire a baby sitter and continue her college classes.  She did not return to Hawaii and her parents until her supposed hubby had left for Harvard the following year.

But there is something about Abercrombie that Jacobs mentions and Wilkie doesn’t.   Abercrombie told Jacobs that late in 1968 (Barry would be seven at that time), he and Pake Zane* dropped in to visit their ol’ pal Obama in Nairobi.   Obama would by this time be married to two women—his first wife Kezia and Ruth who followed him from Boston when he was deported.

Jacobs (page 214):

Neil Abercrombie and Pake Zane had been backpacking through Europe for over a year by the time they made their way to see their old friend in Nairobi.  Exhausted from their travels, they collapsed at Obama’s Woodley home and caught up on the past six years.  Obama was pleased to see them both and took them on a tour of his favorite nightspots in the city.  But Abercrombie noticed that Obama was drinking heavily and often disappeared so that he might be alone.  He never mentioned Barack Jr, or asked if they had seen him.  Nor did Zane or Abercrombie bring up the subject of his Hawaiian son.

Curious isn’t it?  I guess one of the problems with lying is that it gets hard to figure out which lies work the best with the narrative one is trying to advance.  Abercrombie looks like he slipped up here and didn’t advance the Barack and Ann love story.

Wilkie wraps up with this:

That Abercrombie lied is beyond any shadow of a doubt, but unless he’s totally addled, he had to know that he was lying.

The question then arises: why was he lying?

Yes indeed!  Why?

* Someone needs to interview Pake (if he is still kicking).

Related update:  Breitbart today published the top ten things that Obama’s refuses to release (while demanding Romney’s tax returns), here.


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