Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 16, 2012

Del. Neil Parrott makes Maryland conservatives proud!

Daniel Horowitz writing at RedState today had this to say about the leadership of Hagerstown Tea Party founder Delegate Neil Parrott:

Maryland is such a liberal stronghold that Democrats could not possibly lose power, even if they tried their hardest to receive the pink slip from voters in the state.  According to Gallup, Democrats in Maryland enjoy a greater party ID advantage over Republicans than in any other state.  Yet a committed group of conservatives, led by freshman Delegate Neil Parrott(R-Hagerstown), have successfully spearheaded three petition drives to potentially strike down onerous laws passed by state legislature; the Maryland DREAM Act, gay marriage, and a convoluted redistricting map.

Like most blue state Republicans, Neil Parrott could have remained a benchwarmer, hopelessly and helplessly standing idle while Democrats impose a statist utopia.  Pursuing statewide office in Maryland is a near-insurmountable task due to the double-whammy urban effect of Baltimore and D.C.  But Neil Parrot and a small group of conservatives decided to mobilize where they felt it was possible to win – taking the case directly to the people via referendum petitions.  They succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

There is more!  Read it all!



  1. An outstanding article by Mr. Horowitz. And a well deserved acknowledgement of Delegate Parrott and all of the people that worked as hard as they did on the petition drives.

    Whatever the outcome in November, it will be the people’s decision.

    One other point on the 3 referendums. They will all be written by Doug Gansler; I’m sure the verbage of the referendums will be as confusing as possible We’ll see how all that plays out.

  2. Thanks very much to Mr. Parrott ! He, along with Maryland conservatives, have worked hard to give the people a say this November. Now if we could just get the “others” to pay attention.

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