Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 14, 2012

Herald Mail editorial page continues old tricks, criticizes intelligence of anyone not in agreement

Update July 15th: Rowland can’t seem to let it go, hints at more rounds in the trail war, here.  Laments that tourists and the world will pass us by.

O.K. so the Bikers Speedway* proposal, otherwise known as the Civil War Rail-Trail plan being promoted in Washington County, is dead for now, but I can’t let the recent column by Tim funny-man Rowland go without comment.

If you didn’t see his column posted on the day before (July 9) the Commissioners voted (July 10) to kill the boondoggle, here it is.  I expect that Rowland knew the issue would be discussed the following day because the paper is in the pocket of a certain commissioner who supports the project.

Rowland latched on to one of the  minor criticisms of the Rail-Trail plan (that is, the lack of restrooms for 24 miles!) and turned it into an opportunity to criticize the intelligence of any Washington County citizen who doesn’t agree with his enlightened views on this issue (any issue).

Rowland was surely also trying to send the message to any commissioners who voted against the plan that their brain was not up to par in his opinion.

This is standard operating procedure for Rowland, and one wonders how he can live day to day among such boobs and intellectual midgets populating Washington County.

Here he is on the subject of urination in public:

As a longtime bicycle rider and a frequent user of rail trails, I am about to take a pledge that I should have taken a long time ago. Events of late in Washington County have shown me the error of my ways, and I hope I can begin the long road back to redemption with this promise:

I, Tim Rowland, do solemnly swear — and I would urge all rail-trail cyclists to join me — that I will never again urinate on private property.

As we have seen in recent public hearings, bicyclist urine, or BU, has become a chief argument against building a rail trail from Hagerstown to the Potomac River.

Should have known we couldn’t hide our true intentions from the razor intellect of Washington County inhabitants.

If you have nothing more important to do, read the rest of his column.

But, his potty humor and criticism of Washington County citizens as neanderthals is not the “old trick” I’m referring to this time.

Lo and behold, the day AFTER (July 11) the Commissioners voted to stop planning the trail, we learn that property-owner William Moroney had sent in (days before) a very thorough, persuasive and hard-hitting letter in which one line refers to the issue of public urination.

Moroney (Forget this trail to nowhere):

The bucolic ideal of trail users joyfully riding their bikes past our homes will be marred by the reality of these same users relieving themselves against the trees and plants in our yards.

If you haven’t read it, please read Moroney’s excellent letter that clearly the H/M saw fit to hold until the Commissioners had voted.

So, Timmy-the-funny-man had Moroney’s letter for a couple of days and obviously used it as inspiration for his treatise on the urinary habits of bicycle hobbyists (who we all know are quality people fully capable of holding their urine).

And, this, dear reader, is what the Herald Mail has done for the last 27 years I’ve been privileged to live in Washington County—sometimes they hold letters (or severely edit letters) with which they disagree, and they encourage writers to send in other letters/op-eds that fit the paper’s ruling class editors’ view on how the not-too-bright citizens of Washington County should react to an issue.

One more thing…I thought it was very funny that one after another of the proponents got up at the public meeting and said that the demographics of Washington County were changing, implying that the enlightened people (like bicycle hobbyists) were moving in from the DC suburbs.  But, did you ever think that some others of those who moved here for peace and quiet were trying to get away from what the DC suburbs represent and they aren’t such ignorant boobs as Rowland might like to imagine.

*And, speaking of bikers speedways and those quality people riding bikes, please check out this story in The Atlantic (When the bad guys ride bikes).

Seems that cycling hobbyists have some public relations to repair.  Forget public urination, how about bikers killing pedestrians!

Endnote:  We have 18 posts in our Washington Country Rail Trail category for those of you unfamiliar with the controversy


  1. Moroney’s letter was outstanding. Tim did what liberals always do when they do not get there way, pick the one statement, the one misspeak, the one erroneous statement, the one argument that is the weakest and make it the main issue in their dissertation.

    Tim failed to mention the 15 million dollar (initial) price tag to we, the taxpayer. He failed to mention the 20 year completion proposal, he did suggest that a few port-o-potties could cure the urination problem, but wait, aren’t port-o-potties rented? Who gets to pay for the rental of the port-o-potties, the pick-up, and the disposal? All so Tim can ride his bike on our dime.

    I have a better idea for Tim: Buy 50 acres of ground with your money. Create a maze on that 50 acres of really pretty bike trail, and ride your bike til the pedals fall off. There ya go.

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