Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 13, 2012

Former Virginia Congressman to lead third party Presidential ticket

Update July 24:  Goode is quoted in Human Events saying he doesn’t care if he takes votes from Romney and makes a good point on the immigration issue when he says the Republicans are just as likely as Obama to push for a liberal policy on illegals (and more likely to get it through).

…well, at least in Virginia!

Former Virginia Rep. Virgil Goode, a hero of mine since I first learned about him in 2006, is gathering signatures in Virginia for a Constitution Party ticket, and according to the Washington Examiner he could significantly reduce Romney’s chances of winning the swing state.

Republican Mitt Romney faces a new obstacle to victory in must-win Virginia in November: A third-party presidential candidate who is favored by 1 in 10 Old Dominion voters and is drastically undercutting Romney’s showing against President Obama.

Virgil Goode, who represented southwest Virginia in Congress from 1997 to 2008 as a Democrat and then as a Republican, is running for president on the Constitution Party ticket. A Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday showed Goode winning 9 percent of the vote in a three-way race against Obama and Romney, though his support comes disproportionately at Romney’s expense.

“If we can get some name recognition here, we hope it will spread to other states,” said Goode, who still must qualify for the Virginia ballot.

To the right of Romney on immigration!

Even as a longtime democratic state senator, Goode’s strong pro-life, pro-gun stances resonated with traditional southern voters, and he’s to the right of Romney on issues like immigration and deficit reduction.

Indeed Goode has gone farther to the common sense right than almost any elected official I know!  I wrote about him here at Refugee Resettlement Watch when he called for a MORATORIUM on all immigration—imagine that a MORATORIUM!

Goode became a hero of mine when in 2006 he infuriated CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and the wussy Washington Post by linking Islamic terrorism to our immigration policy, here.  The Left then targeted him for defeat by throwing gobs of money and campaign workers into his rural conservative district (that happens to include UVA). A hard lefty won but only served one term before being defeated by another Republican in a district  first represented by James Madison.


  1. Ann, however wonderful Goode is, it doesn’t make up for his putting the election at risk. And that’s just what he’s doing. Couldn’t he wait four years to be a conservative hero? This makes me think he has no common sense at all. By this act he is declaring that there’s no difference between Romney and Obama. Here’s the difference: One is a defective candidate and will be a highly imperfect president if elected. The other will complete his destruction of America if he is re-elected.

    • Judy, I don’t see it that way. I think people like Goode will keep pressure on Romney to not become Obama–lite just to try to win the election. Romney will just have to work harder in Virginia.

      • I’ll be ecstatic if it works out that way.

  2. This is seriously bad news! This has Ross Perot written all over it. If Goode siphons off 10 % of what would have been Romney’s vote, Obama wins Virginia. Not good. It usually works out something like this:
    Romney 52%, Obama 48% in a straight up one on one, but with Goode in the mix, it goes something like this:
    Romney 42%, Obama 48%, Goode 10%.
    Who is paying for Goode’s campaigne?

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