Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 11, 2012

Pushing back the progressive agenda—start locally!

The other day I wrote a post asking Is it third party time yet?’ about Erick Erickson’s good post at RedState on the subject of Republicans not acting like Republicans.

Of course you are all familiar with the debate—do we start a third party made up of  Tea Party-minded people, or continue to try to put some backbone and basic Constitutional principles into the Republican Party?  There has been much written on the subject in recent days.   The debate also in my mind hinges on the time factor—is there time to stop the progressive agenda in America before it’s too late (is it too late already)?  And, if the Republicans aren’t willing or able to muster a fight, then what?

Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum discussed the problem here this week in his post partially titled, “America is already Europe.”   And, readers Judy and Doug sent me this thought-provoking article in American Thinker about the gathering storm within the GOP.  I urge you to read both of those posts (It is so overwhelming that it makes my head spin, thinking about where to start).

I think what happens is that local folks, not political junkies!, but Tea Party-minded people whether they are officially involved with a Tea Party group or just have the same view of government, get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the war we are in so that they don’t really know which way to turn and what to do first.  And, then it’s easy to say—gotta go see my grandson play soccer tonight, or some other important (I’m not saying the grandson is unimportant) family duty calls.

Start locally, start with things you can do, pray and have faith that if enough people stand up across the country we can shift the whole ship of government back to its original moorings before it is too late.

Funny how these things work—that something falls into your hands just as you need it! Here is a short timely piece by author “Ned” that Falknor forwarded yesterday.  Writing at the Madison Project, Ned tells us how long the progressives have been at their business, and then says this:

While not ignoring the federal, because at this stage we cannot afford to, those conservatives who want to see real national change have to start digging in at the local level. If enough do that, in hundreds, if not thousands of communities nationwide, there will be a groundswell from the bottom up that can bring national change.

O.K. so now what?  What do you do? 

This is my list, I’m sure you can come up with more things on your own.  But, most of all, remember this is a generational war and you may not see the fruits of your labor in your lifetime.

* First and foremost, stop acting like chickens with your heads cut off, jumping from issue to issue and project to project with literally, as Glenn Beck would say, the blood shooting from your eyes! (or neck in keeping with that chicken analogy).    Pick a local project—like killing a wasteful spending project, or staying on the backs of the administrators at your local community college (public colleges are all infested with progressives), follow every school board meeting and report on wasteful spending and plans to indoctrinate your kids,  defend property rights every time a government agency encroaches on those rights.  Become the expert in your city or county on your project. Focus! Focus! Focus!

* Find a way to circumvent the local media which will be working with progressives/crony capitalists to keep your voices silent.  Set up a website or write a blog (it is very easy) on your project.  Develop a facebook page etc., but you also need to figure out how to reach the large percentage of the population (the voting population) that is not electronically connected.

So, what are you going to post on your website or facebook page?—your research.  You need to gather documents and attend meetings and do what real investigative reporters used to do before they were co-opted by the local ruling class cronies.

Note to Washington County Patriots:  Would someone please consider creating one or more local political blogs for Washington County.  You could name one County Commissioner Watch, or Hagerstown Mayor and Council Watch, or even Washington County Chamber of Commerce Watch and report what the Herald Mail isn’t reporting.

* Join a local Tea Party or similar group so that your voices can be joined together when needed and to basically facilitate communication.  LOL!  Be a community organizer!

* Pounce on your elected officials (including your Congressman/Senators) every time they go off the reservation on a vote.    However, you can’t be expected to be an expert on everything, so read and follow the lead of those who have developed expertise on a particular topic.  Right at this moment, as Falknor pointed out, the Republican Congress has gone off the reservation and passed some huge spending bills.  Set up a little committee to go have a talk with your Republican member!  Ask him, is this what we elected you to do?

* Get involved with a political campaign, help a Constitutional conservative get elected.  And, then stay on them to keep them from being sucked into the crony capitalist (everything is a wonderful public-private partnership***) cabal.  Or, work to un-elect them if they betray the principles they supposedly ran on.

This is going on too long… get the idea!

So here, just for a little refreshing honesty and to wrap up with a smile, is reader Greg on the Rail Trail decision by the Washington County Commissioners yesterday.  Note that Greg’s comment makes my earlier point above—get involved and keep them honest because if you don’t educate them, the progressives surely will.


Thank the County Commissioners? Really? For what? Attempting to save their political asses? If 200 hundred people had not shown up at a public comment meeting, and others hadn’t placed calls to mail call and written letters of opposition to the Herald Mail, they would be blowing our tax money, stealing those property rights and destroying the privacy of those people who would have been affected by the trail.

I think a better question may be, why did they ever consider such a thing in the first place, attach a cute little “civil war” connotation to it, and try to run it by us?

Do the Commissioners not own property? Did they give one iota of thought to the fact that those property owners may not want their property taken away from them? May not want to lose their privacy? May not want their tax dollars used for such idiocy? Or did the commissioners think its ok to take property as long as its your property and not theirs?

And don’t even get me started on the financial aspect of this or I’ll be writing all night.

I won’t be thanking the County Commissioners. I will, however, be helping to vote them out next election.

In summary, focus like a laser on an issue, work on it day in and day out (some days you will have more time than others), educate people in your community about the issue and know that you are in for the long haul.  It might sound boring and like a lot of work, but if as Ned says above thousands of people in thousands of communities did their bit we might just turn things around before it’s too late, or die trying!

***By the way, beware of the warm and fuzzy concept of “public-private partnerships which might have some value in the context of outsourcing say garbage collection or other projects where the government is trying to save (your) money, but has too often become the verbiage used to cover crony capitalism.   If a developer(s) can’t build a stadium on his own dime and expect to recoup his investment and make a profit, then why should the taxpayers be on the hook for the potential loss!

Also, in addition to “public-private partnership” run the other way when someone in public office/govt. bureaucracy uses the phrase “stakeholder.”  It’s one of those words like “social justice” or “sustainable development” that leftwingers use to communicate their progressive ideas with each other.  If you hear a Republican use any of those phrases in a positive way—slap them upside the head!  (figuratively!)

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