Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 10, 2012

Yet another theory of what Obama is hiding on his real birth certificate

Update July 11th:  Whew! Check this out, the documents are coming out fast and furious now—World Net Daily has yet another story that raises the question about whether Barack Obama the elder is the baby daddy!

O.K.  I’m sitting here knowing that I have to write something about the third party idea I posted on yesterday, but instead (because that is really hard!), I’m drifting off to another story at American Thinker about Obama’s falsified birth certificate.

You see I was reading the piece about the GOP and a third party sent to me yesterday by two readers (Judy and Doug), but this birth certificate story in the sidebar lured my eyes away.

And, you know what, my being so easily distracted by the latest titillating information about Obama’s mother, partially explains why we are in the mess we are in.  Contemplating the fate of the nation and how to keep doomsday at bay is just too hard.

So, now to help you avoid the difficult issues is this theory about what Obama is hiding (note that it’s a given that the document was doctored) on his original birth certificate.

Be sure to check out the whole article by Nick Chase, he has some pretty good documentation some of which I have never seen before.


Personally, I think the preponderance of evidence shows that Obama’s marriage to Ann Dunham was a legal contrivance that suited both their purposes — Obama’s as a means to maintain residency in the U.S. until he completed his studies, and Ann’s (and maybe also her parents’) to provide legitimacy to the baby’s birth.  In no way was this a meaningful marital relationship.

So were they really married?  Yes, they went through the legal steps to become married.  But because Obama the father was already married, the marriage wasn’t legal — and it certainly wasn’t functional — so they weren’t really married in the way we understand marriage.

I know that my conclusion — that Ann likely signed her maiden name to baby Barack’s birth certificate because her marriage wasn’t a real one, and that that’s what’s being hidden by the release of the “birth certificate” forgery — is a huge disappointment to people who think that the president is hiding something much bigger — like being born in Kenya.  (Understandably, since releasing the digital PDF fake is a pretty big scam to cover up a pretty unimportant detail.)

Chase goes on to explain how Obama continues to say, as he has for decades, that his Dad left when he was two years old and then his Mom became a single mother (until she remarried).  In fact, Obama the elder was never in Barack’s life as we have reported here on other occasions.  I’m not sure I’m buying it that Obama the President is just hiding that fact and that what has been doctored on the birth certificate is his mother’s signature.  And, I never did subscribe to the Kenyan birth theory.  There is something else—what?

Here is how Chase wraps up:

This is also the version [that they were together until Obama went off to Harvard–ed] of the marriage that Ann told her child when he was growing up — and Mr. Obama is probably not too keen on having researchers rummaging around, trying to figure out what really happened in his family in the early 1960s.  And most of the public is not aware of this research being done into the president’s early years, and therefore most of the public thinks the fairytale version is real.

For a politician with a super-strong ego, and a composite public persona to protect heading into a heated re-election campaign, perhaps masking the true story of his parents’ marriage is important enough for him to claim that a forged “birth certificate” is his authentic long-form Hawaiian birth certificate.

You decide.

Meanwhile, we can all enjoy watching the formerly-mainstream media twist themselves into pretzels trying to ignore the big scam of a forged “birth certificate” of a U.S. president covering up a minor detail in this president’s birth history which has already been revealed and which is now becoming widely known.

Darn, now I’ll have to say something about that third party thing I’m avoiding…..but, oops! I just might be out of time to write today!



  1. Here is my version:
    The forgery of the birth certificate is a distraction from the fact that the real one, as you can see on the on-line version, has a hidden code under a curled edge on the left side. Under the curl, a portion of a written number is hidden (by design), because if it were readable, it would show that it would show a number given to babbies born “outside” of Honolulu.
    It was practice at that time to issue birth certificates this way, and use number codes to indicate details that the form doesn’t specifically require. The complete data would probably show up on the micro-fished files, but of course, these are the ones that have “gone missing.” (There’s a lot of that going on around BO’s background)

    We also have customs entry forms “gone missing” for the first week of August, 1961, in the archives of the US federal government. One would surely show that Anne, the mother, actually arrived in HI at that time from a flight from Kenya during that first week, maybe with a newborn infant. BO was actually born in Mombassa, Kenya. I’ve seen a copy of the birth certificate from there – and the paternal grandmother confirms witnessing the birth. He’s clearly NOT qualified legally and constitutionally to serve as president, because he’s not a natural born citizen of the US. Let’s call this whole excursion on the wild side with BO as America’s “fatal attraction” much as the German people had that same fever for their well-known and beloved “leader” in their tragic past. Let’s hope we wake up from our nightmare before we through the world into another dark ages — that should make the “green earth” loonies less concerned about a new “ice age” due to global warming…

    • In 1961 Hawaii birth certificates could not be given to babies born outside of Hawaii because, duh, that law was not changed to allow that until 1982.

      • Sorry, but you are mistaken. I have seen a very careful analysis of the coding used – very detailed. One category is for “outside Hawaii” Besides, it’s common knowledge that the “live birth” paper had ample use and flexibility in 1961 in HI. The whole idea of the “advertisement” of O’s birth in the newspaper was to provide some evidence to deceive on this matter. Even Trump found this “advertisement” notice an oddity.

      • Re: “It’s common knowledge.”

        Actually, it is not, and it is not even true. First, Hawaii did not allow foreign births to be registered until 1982–more than twenty years after Obama was born. Second, there is good evidence that Hawaii checked on claims of birth in Hawaii outside of a hospital by insisting on a signed witness statement (want to see it?) Third, the section in the newspapers was called “Health Bureau Statistics”, and as the name indicates, only the DOH of Hawaii could send entries to that section. There were no birth notice advertisements in that section: they were the notices of the DOH, and only of the DOH, and the DOH sent out the notices only for births in Hawaii.

        A more obvious point, often glossed over, is that Hawaii is thousands of miles from any foreign country (particularly Kenya, which is tens of thousands of miles away) and that it was extremely rare for women to travel late in pregnancy in 1961. moreover, we know from research done with a FOI Act request by WND that Obama’s father was in Hawaii, for sure, on August 4, 1961—-so if Obama’s mother had traveled out of the USA, she would have had to have traveled alone. So, the question is, how likely is that to have happened?

        How likely is it that she indeed traveled outside of the USA AND somehow convinced the officials in Hawaii (which by the way was under a Republican governor in 1961) to grant a birth certificate to her child despite there being no evidence (or so birthers hold) that he was born in Hawaii? Not very likely at all.

        Sorry to burst your daydreams, and you have the right to vote against him for any reason at all, of course. But, since we are discussing facts, the fact is that Obama actually was born in Hawaii, as his birth certificate and about five confirmations by officials of both parties in Hawaii shows (the most recent of which was accepted as proof by the Conservative Republican Secretary of State of Arizona.) That is still further confirmed by the birth notices in the newspapers, and by the Index Data:

        Now that we have passed the discussion of where Obama was born, you may want to take up the idea that there is something different on Obama’s birth certificate in the files from the one that Obama showed, and that it shows a different father or that Obama was adopted or that some “code” shows that Obama was born outside of Hawaii.

        However, NONE of these notions can be true because the officials in Hawaii have stated in writing that the facts on Obama’s published birth certificate are identical to the facts on the document in the files.

        Did you know, BTW, that Mitt Romney has only published an image of a photocopy of his SHORT-FORM birth certificate, without the seal visible and without showing the name of the hospital or the doctor? Maybe there is a “code” on it that shows that he was born outside of Michigan. Maybe he was adopted. What is Mitt Romney hiding?

      • “Gillar described the process in the 1960s: Foreign nationals, primarily from Japan, would fly to Hawaii and buy a birth registration for their son or daughter, not with the goal of one day having them become president, but to obtain the benefits of being a U.S. citizen.” …”The births of Japanese children whose parents purchased Hawaii birth certificates also would be listed in the papers….”

        Sun Yat-Sen got a phony Hawaiian Birth Certificate in 1904 “In March 1904, Sun Yat-sen obtained a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth,[39] issued by the Territory of Hawaii, stating he was born on 24 November 1870 in Kula, Maui.[40] Official files of the United States show that Sun had United States nationality, moved to China with his family at age 4, and returned to Hawaii 10 years later.[41]”

      • I admire your pluck to pursue the “dreams” of a natural born Obama. However, you have to go a little deeper into the “facts” to see how a foreign-born child could be issued a valid HI birth certificate in 1961. I do appreciate your convincing superficial arguments, however.
        First, just because some “official” signs a birth certificate, doesn’t mean the actual birth took place in the hospital where the certificate was registered. It’s interesting, don’t you think, that no physician or other hospital medical person at the hospital on August 4, 1961 has come forward with any personal memory or knowledge of little BO being born there at the time. You could just mail-in your form; and someone at the hospital signs. Again, the policy in 1961 was that pencil codes were used to indicate
        details that were not formally put on the form. You can see the penciled notations on the computer-generated image that Obama claims is his “birth certificate” That’s what BO doesn’t want us to see. If you could see the original, these penciled notes would be complete, and you could connect the dots to see that the “place of birth” may not have been in Hawaii – and certainly NOT in the hospital. When children were born in the hospital, they got a specific type of certificate – and that’s one “fact” that BO is undoubtedly trying to hide. I want to see the penciled code references — that’s the key to
        solve the mystery.
        On Anne’s travel in August, 1961, we lack official records. However, the way I see it is that she arrived in HI from Kenya a few days after little BO was born in Kenya. (She carried little BO in her arms, not in womb) There ARE witnesses to that Kenyan birth (none to the HI bogus event). Of course, the customs entry papers for first week of August have “gone missing” – so there is no official way to verify her arrival when likely, soon after BO’s birth; perhaps Aug. 8-10. Maybe someone will show up who remembers young Anne on the plane with a baby BO – but that would be foolishly optomistic.
        You get your “facts” from people who have something to hide (like Obama). He spent a lot of money to hide his records — remember, the “cover-up” is what got Nixon — not the botched burglary into the watergate Dem headquarters, which I’m sure he knew nothing about. But I digress…. I have a lot more questions, about the social security card, the draft card, the missing passport to enter Pakistan. Let’s shed some light on all the documents, and find out who in the heck is our “usurper in chief.”

        from Kenya

  2. Let me repeat my recommendation of the “Dreams from my Real Father” DVD by Joel Gilbert. It dovetails nicely with Nick Chase’s article, it’s entertaining, and it’s inexpensive.

    Although we still don’t know the whole story, I think we are zeroing in on the truth. Obama and the people around him are hiding something serious, but it’s not that he’s a Kenyan-born “Manchurian Candidate” tasked by foreign agents with destroying the Constitution. The truth is simpler yet more sordid — that Obama is a pathological liar who will say and do anything to obtain power. He has not only repeatedly invented and reinvented his past to further his career, but he’s obviously being helped by powerful people to cover his tracks along the way.

    The scary question is what is someone with such a lifelong, pathological obsession with political power capable of doing, should he and his sponsors think he may lose in November?

    • So vote against him, if you think that he is a bigger liar than Romney is.

      • Right. I pray and hope the American people will open their eyes and vote for the one who lie less.

  3. For anyone interested in this little mystery, I highly recommend the video “Dreams From My Real Father” by Joel Gilbert (I think … I’ve loaned my copy out). He makes an excellent case through circumstances, facial features, and body type that B’s real father is Frank Marshall Davis … and that, in any case, Davis is his ideological father as B visited him 3x per week from age 10 to 18.

    • As you and Paul have both recommended this film I will have to get it!!! I’ve always thought and have written here that the FMD paternity theory makes a lot of sense. Surely if Barack the elder was Obama’s baby daddy (and even if the marriage was one of convenience) he likely would have made some effort to see his son long before Obama was around ten years old—that’s when Barack the elder, whose third wife left him to return to the US, went to visit Ann and family in Hawaii…

    • Who says that Mitt Romney’s real father is really George Romney?

  4. All I can say is that we live in interesting times and I can’t wait to see what the truth is on this birth certificate issue. I hope we will all be laughing and not suffering when it finally comes out.

    • The truth on the birth certificate, the officials in Hawaii have stated in writing several times, is exactly the same as on the birth certificate that Obama has published. The facts are identical.

      • “Former senior elections clerk, Tim Adams, became the third of current or former Hawaiian officials bearing intimate knowledge about Obama’s natal documentation to formally indicate that the Aloha State does not possess an original, 1961 birth certificate documenting the natural-born citizenship of Barack Obama. Adams says Obama was definitely not born in Hawaii, but he does not know where else Obama might have been born because there is no original documentation showing his attested birthplace.”

    • There’s not just the birth certificate “issue,” but there’s also the multiple/questionable Social Security Number(s) “issue,” and the forged Selective Service registration card “issue.”

      The latter may be the least consequential legally, but it is the most obvious to the layperson and it speaks to the pattern of deception surrounding Barack’s purported life story:

  5. Re Gillar.

    He did not provide proof. He merely said that that was the case. That is not what Hawaii says, However, assume that it were true. Then you would have to also assume that there would be money involved in such a purchase, probably a lot of money—since it would be risky for an official to make a false birth certificate.

    And so the answer is that neither Obama’s parents nor his grandparents were rich (Obama’s American grandmother became a vice president in a bank, but that was much later, at the time she was a low-level employee, and his grandfather was a furniture salesman). So they probably did not have anywhere near enough money to do get a false BC. And, if Obama actually had been born outside of Hawaii (and remember Hawaii is thousands of miles from any foreign country), why should they?

    After all, for all purposes except running for president, a naturalized citizen is just as good as a Natural Born Citizen. So, if he were actually born in Kenya or Canada, all that they had to do was naturalize him at a later date. Or, did you think that in 1961 they thought that he had a chance to become president.

    Re: Sun Yat Sen. Yes, that happened in 1904. Did you know that more than 50 years passed between 1904 and 1961? Things can change, you know.

    There is a Conservative columnist named Andrew Walden who lives in Hawaii, and while he hates Obama’s policies, he said this about the Sun Yat Sen birth certificate: “Conspiracists have made much of the fact that the Territory of Hawaii gave a phony birth certificate in 1904 to Chinese republican leader Sun Yat Sen for diplomatic reasons. But the modern State of Hawaii has never supplied Certification of Live Birth indicating US birth for foreign-born children.” To repeat, “The modern State of Hawaii has never supplied Certification of Live Birth indicating US birth for foreign-born children.” ( That would seem to deal with Gillar as well. (And there is the evidence of the PUMA Lori Starfeld as well, and she said that whenever there was a claim of a birth outside of a hospital HAWAII DEMANDED A WITNESS STATEMENT.”

    Re: Tim Adams, he is a member of a white supremacist group, and he is lying. What he claimed has not been confirmed by ANYONE, and the officials in Hawaii have said that the members of the election commission did not have access to birth certificate data.

    • Do we even have proof Stanley Ann was even in Hawaii when B was born? We have proof she was in Seattle 2 weeks later.

      • We have no idea where she was for months leading up to B.O.s birth or where exactly she gave birth. And, now that we know for sure that she skipped town and enrolled at the U. of Washington later that month, meaning she left her dear hubby behind in Hawaii and not that he abandoned his family for Harvard, it calls into question everything else Obama says in his “Dreams…” That is the problem with lying, once one is caught in one whopper everything else is questioned.

        As I said before, when I read Sally Jacob’s “The other Barack…” this is the major fact revealed by her research (and others’ research) that convinced me there is a lot of lying going on with his life story. How many 18 year old girls, get pregnant and is said to be married to this cool brilliant Kenyan, yet leaves the support of her parents and husband and hauls an infant to a college a couple of thousand miles away, rents an apartment, gets a baby sitter in order to take classes for the year and then moves back to Hawaii only AFTER her cool Kenyan “husband” has gone east to Harvard. And, as far as I know the Dunhams weren’t rich, so who paid for all of that??? Hmmmmmm

      • Despite the Kenyan grandmother’s ‘memory’; and not one, but two, Kenyan birth certificates; and missing pages at one Kenyan hospital of his birthday; and missing INS records of travelers from Kenya to Hawaii in the week of B’s birthday; … in spite of all that suggesting Stanley Ann may have traveled to Kenya for the birth … it’s hard to believe she would fly to Kenya within weeks of the birth, fly back to Hawaii within the week after the birth and then almost immediately fly to Seattle. A birth in the NW seems much more likely.

      • And, yes, remember that is where she went to High School. Her family lived in Washington State. She had friends in the Seattle area. I saw in one report that she had a black boyfriend there as well….the plot thickens! Eventually someone will come forward and spill the beans—unfortunately those who really know are all dead—gramps and toot, mom, father (s), stepfather—all gone. But, you know, Obama could stop all this speculation with one little DNA test.

      • Yes she may have been in Seattle two weeks later, but the birth certificate of Hawaii shows that she was in Kapiolani Hospital on August 4, 1961. This is confirmed by the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers, in a section called “Health Bureau Statistics” that was only sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii, and the DOH only sent out those birth notices for children born in Hawaii.

    • Re: “Despite the Kenyan grandmother’s ‘memory’; and not one, but two, Kenyan birth certificates; and missing pages at one Kenyan hospital of his birthday; and missing INS records of travelers from Kenya to Hawaii in the week of B’s birthday; … in spite of all that suggesting Stanley Ann may have traveled to Kenya for the birth …

      Obama’s Kenyan grandmother NEVER said that he was born in Kenya. She said repeatedly in the taped interview that Obama was born in Hawaii, and she said in another interview (with the Hartford Courant newspaper) that the first that her family in Kenya had heard of Obama’s birth was in a letter from Hawaii.

      Re Kenyan “birth certificates.” Both are forged. The officials in Kenya have said that they checked, and there is no proof that Obama was born in Kenya (as did the McCain and Hillary campaigns), or that Obama’s mother arrived there in 1961.

      Re missing INS data on trips to Kenya. There were no direct flights from Hawaii to Kenya. So the normal way to do it was via New York, and the New York files are not missing, and the Bush Administration and the McCain campaign had the opportunity to check them, and they have both said that there is NO evidence that Obama was born in Kenya.

      There were a grand total of 21 people who came to the USA from Kenya in 1961.

      Re “birth in the NW.” That would be just as legal for eligibility purposes as birth in Hawaii. But the fact is that there is a perfectly legal birth certificate showing that Obama was born in Hawaii, confirmed repeatedly by the officials of both parties in Hawaii, further confirmed by the Index Data, further confirmed by the witness who wrote home to her father, named Stanley, about the birth in Hawaii to a woman named Stanley, further confirmed by the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961, which were sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii in those days, and only for births in Hawaii.

      • Zullo, or the Arpaio “cold case posse” has just returned from Hawaii visiting the people who signed the BO certificate, and the article I read indicated that it was definitely a “national threat” that Hawaii allows foreign-born births to be recorded on HI certificates. The cover-up goes on by current officials in that state, because they will not release a genuine copy of the certificate, but only another “certificate” that “certifies” to the original. These policies have been recently adopted as a shield to direct evidence of the truth. So, we are forced to speculate.

        We don’t know about BO’s mother travel to Hawaii in the first of August, because the customs documents at the time have “gone missing” Sometimes, it’s enough reason to believe that something is wrong, when too much evidence is strangely “missing” from official files. The first thing that BO did when he got the keys to the presidency was to seal his records. There is a ton of circumstantial evidence; if you prove cover-up, that was enough for Nixon’s demise.

        The Kenyan Grandmother never said that BO was “born in Hawaii” — although the taped interview has voices in the background (BO’s handlers) urging the grandmother to recant her words about witnessing BO’s birth in Kenya. I’ll take the words of the grandmother, before the “handlers” if you please. Now, the grandmother is still alive, I think, so it would be easy for some independent investigator to ask for the record — but, strange as it may sound, she is being kept silent (by who, do you think? Why?) The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are those who have something to hide — BO

        As to passports, we don’t have the BO records, or any others of interest to observe. Word is that 2008 there was a break-in by BO operatives, and the whole purpose was to “doctor” up the BO passport. That case is still open, I think. (Don’t hold your breath waiting for Holder to bring that to a speedy conclusion — he’s still slow-walking the “fast-furious” investigation)

        Again, the cold case possee is seeing the “coding” pencil marks I mentioned before — confirmed by a 1961 HI official, what it meant. Data was entered on a computer generated version of BO’s original certificate, to cover up the fact that he was born outside HI — again, standard routine for people to travel to HI in 1961 to get a US birth certificate. That’s probably the reason that BO’s mother was so eager to get baby BO back there to get his “papers” BO has been hiding his records all the way along his shadowy past.

      • There is no doubt they are hiding something and I look forward to the day when we learn (finally!) what it is….

      • Sheriff Joe did not prove that Obama was not born in Hawaii or born in another country, and he did not even try to do so. He merely speculated about the birth certificate being forged based on the pencil marks on it. Well, guess what, if the birth certificate were indeed forged, the pencil marks on it would be forged too. So they are meaningless.

        Or, are you saying that Obama’s birth certificate was forged in 1961?

        Although you do not agree that the translator was accurate when he said that the Kenyan grandmother had said that Obama was born in Hawaii, there is no evidence to the contrary. He said that she said that Obama was born in Hawaii in response to the question (frequently cut off of birther tapes) “Whereabouts was he born?”

        Moreover, there is a second interview with the Kenyan grandmother, one that birther sites never mention, an interview with the Hartford Courant newspaper, and in it she said that the first that her family in Kenya had heard of Obama’s birth was IN A LETTER FROM HAWAII.

        As I pointed out, there were a grand total of 21 people who came to the USA from Kenya in 1961, and Obama’s mother was not rich enough or stupid enough to make the trip to Kenya ALONE (WND has proven that Obama’s father was in Hawaii in 1961) so that she and Obama could be two of them. Moreover, the officials of Kenya say that there is no evidence that Obama was born there or that his mother was there in 1961.

        The birth certificate from Hawaii has been repeatedly confirmed by the officials in Hawaii, and the Conservative Secretary of State of Arizona recently accepted Hawaii’s certification, and put Obama on the ballot.

      • Plenty of evidence of forgery of the BO birth certificate, senor…
        Arpio’s Zullo interviewed the person who signed the certificate just recently (she’s 95; still alive!) She confirmed the use of pencil coding – and the irregularity of the data on the BO certificate, which contradicts the clear instruction from pencil codes. Pretty clear to any rational, sane person, that places were filled in on the form, that should have been blank. Also, she explained that 40% of certificates were issued by “home” births outside the hospital – cuz that was the custom of many. Also, it was common practice for non-US citizens to get their babies “certified” in HI to get that security. Incidentally, these non-hospital births were routinely placed in the newspapers to announce them — so LOTS of evidence that BO was NOT born in the hospital (no one there knows anything about it anyway). There is also other coding data that will come out — hidden around the curl in the paper — that shows that “place of birth” is unknown (meaning likely outside HI)

        Travelling outside US was not a problem for BO’s mother. We know she hooked up with an Indonesian husband and lived there for a while with BO, now called “Barry Soretoro” Even Barry’s book tells about his travels to Kenya. I would like to get a look at the passport he used for travel (likely Indonesian). Customs documents would solve the mystery, but they have “gone missing” BO has covered his tracks quite well. Doubtless, he has been getting a lot of help from his communist pals over the years. He is the proto-typical “manchurian candidate” Where does he get money to go to all these colleges; and so few people remember him.

        I would like to see that “Letter from Hawaii” that you claim tells the real story about grandmother — the grandmother originally claimed to witness the birth in Kenya. Did she recant? We know that BO had handlers all over the Kenyan Obama family in 2008; so they may have extorted the grandmother to make up another story. (There are a lot of stories — BO’s family members made conflicting claims on the hospital in HI where he was supposed to have been born. But of course, no one at either hospital has any knowledge. We know BO’s book publishers had no problem advertising BO as “born in Kenya” — it’s right there plain as day. A person has to be willfully blind to avoid the clear evidence.

        Bottom line: BO’s certificate is a piece of paper; and we have only seen highly controlled versions. The original undoctored version would have blank spots and pencil markings that clearly show it was NOT a hospital type certificate — but rather one that was simply based on the “other” type of birth that the HI officials were so freely giving out at the time. Dig down a little deeper, and you’ll find the truth.

  6. Re: “First, just because some “official” signs a birth certificate, doesn’t mean the actual birth took place in the hospital where the certificate was registered.”

    Where the law is concerned an official birth certificate from a state legally proves that a person was where the birth certificate says UNLESS there is evidence to the contrary. (Not claims of forgery, but real evidence.) There is none.

    And the fact remains that Hawaii is thousands of miles away from the nearest foreign country and that virtually no American women traveled late in pregnancy in 1961, and that WND has proven with a FOI Act request that Obama’s father was in Hawaii on August 4, 1961—so the chance of Obama’s mother having been out of the country is virtually NIL. If you consider that there is at most a one in a million chance that Obama’s mother traveled outside the USA, and that if she did there was at most a one in a million chance that if she did she could get Obama back to the USA without proof that he was born in a foreign country (a visa or a US passport or a change to her passport to include him, issued at the US consulate in that country), and a one in a million chance that if both of the two happened AND Obama’s family got a Hawaii birth certificate for Obama despite him having been born outside of the country—you have some idea of how low the chances are of Obama having been born anywhere else than in HAWAII.

    Oh, and by the way, Obama’s Kenyan grandmother never said that he was born in Kenya. She said that he was born in Hawaii in the taped interview, and she said that the first that her family in Kenya had heard of Obama’s birth was in a letter from Hawaii in another interview. A LETTER FROM HAWAII.

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