Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 9, 2012

Is it third party time yet?

That is the question Erick Erickson (RedState) raised in his provactive post here on Saturday.

Maybe it’s time when Republicans aren’t acting like Republicans but more like Democrats (gee, where have we heard that before!).

Here is how Erickson begins:

Senator Max Baucus of Montana receives campaign donations from the parent company of Phillip Morris. Senator Baucus then puts a provision in the highway transportation bill banning roll your own cigarette operations, a business that does not exist in Montana.

Forty people in Harry Reid’s Nevada and elsewhere will lose their jobs because a transportation bill actively and willfully legislated a legal business out of business by driving up the regulatory burden so excessively. Major cigarette manufacturers championed the legislation and Republicans supported it because it will increase tax revenue without them voting to raise taxes.

Put bluntly, Republicans voted to do exactly what they they accuse the Democrats of doing — shut down businesses by driving up regulatory burdens in an effort to increase taxes.

Max Baucus may have inserted the provision, but it made it through Republican House of Representatives. Maybe we do need a third party to do the job Republicans campaign on doing, but then get to Washington and don’t actually do.

Readers, this isn’t about cigarette rolling. You might not care one iota about the business, but last week I heard a friend say that her very good friends had just been put out of business overnight with this provision of the Transportation bill.  They were in shock and completely devastated.  What is that old saying?  First they came for the _____!

Erickson goes on to waffle about whether it’s third party time, but he needs to know you can only threaten so many times and the Republican establishment is already fully aware of the Tea Party timidity on the subject.


  1. I used to be a big supporter of the idea of a third party.

    Then, while reading an article a few years ago about how Michael Steele was mismanaging the Republican National Committee, I realized that the RNC alone has hundreds of full-time people on its payroll. So I assume the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the National Republican Governors Association also have multi-million dollar payrolls, as do the Democrats. Plus all the consultants, pollsters and communications firms aligned with one or the other of the two parties.

    Then, this year, I saw how the parties have made it extremely difficult for a 3rd party to get on the ballot in most states. Americans Elect raised $22 million and as of May they had only gotten a line on the ballot in 28 states.

    Then, keep in mind how, after Ross Perot, the 2 parties have rigged the nationally televised debates. The 2 major party candidates will simply refuse to share the stage with any viable 3rd party candidate. Not to mention how the MSM simply ignores 3rd Party candidates.

    I have come to the conclusion that no 3rd Party can possibly challenge the Democrats or Republicans unless it caters to some faction with really big money, which would sort of defeat the purpose of a 3rd Party.

    I now think that the only solution is “undermining” one or both parties from within (like TEA Party Movement is trying to do with GOP) and/or peaceful civil disobedience against government infringements on our freedom.

  2. “We keep electing new Presidents who seemingly promise faithfully to halt the worldwide Communist advance, put the blocks to extravagant government spending, douse the tea of inflation, put the economy on an even keel, reverse the trend which is turning the country into a moral sewer, and toss the criminals in the hoosegow where they belong. Yet despite high hopes and glittering campaign promise these problems continue to worsen no matter who is in office. Each new administration, whether it be Republican or Democrat continues the same basic policies of the previous administration which it had so thoroughly denounced during the election campaign. It is considered poor form to mention this, but it is true nonetheless. Is there a plausible reason to explain why this happens? We are not supposed to think so. We are supposed to think it is all accidental and coincidental and that therefore there is nothing we can do about it. FDR once said, ‘In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.’” – Gary Allen, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” 1971

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