Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 7, 2012

Western Maryland legislators score big! Vote for a business-friendly Maryland

Maryland Business for Responsive Government released its report late last week on how Maryland Senators and Delegates voted on issues relating to business in the state.  This is what their press release on Thursday trumpets (hat tip: Dick):

Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG) today issued its annual Roll Call, scoring legislators on their votes during the regular and May special sessions of the 2012 Maryland General Assembly.

For the first time in the publication’s 27 year history, more than half of the issues in both the House and the Senate focused on the budget issues and tax increases passed by the General Assembly.


“There is no single, more important indicator for economic development in this State than the budget,” said Democratic-Co Chair Marvin Mandel.

While states are cutting their budgets an average of 2.7% nationally, Maryland increased its budget by $1.2 billion.  Increases in income tax rates, reductions in exemptions and increases in fees were a few of the additional costs imposed on Maryland taxpayers and businesses as the General Assembly was called back into special session in May to fund calls for increased spending.

All of Washington County’s State representatives got a 100% score while only Del. Donoghue from Hagerstown dragged the overall numbers down (the full Roll Call report is here).  Senator Ron Young of Frederick dragged the Senate numbers down for Western Maryland.

Nearly all of the Senators in the Harford/Cecil county, the Eastern Shore and Western Maryland scored a perfect 100%.  These three jurisdictions scored the highest of any regions in the state (100, 87.6, 84.5, respectively) in the Senate.  In the House, Western Maryland scored the highest of any delegation (86), followed by Harford/Cecil (84.1) and the Eastern Shore (81.1).

Let your Senators and Delegates know from time to time that they are doing a good job!


  1. Good job for business you should say. These votes don’t help the average person. People are suffering in this country with 23-25% actual unemployment (according to Just because business does well does not mean the majority of Marylanders are in good straits. Both parties are bought and paid for, so what do pro-business vote show? It shows how some Democrats & Republicans care more about big monied interests than the common folk of Maryland.

  2. Since most adult Marylanders are either business owners or employed by businesses (as opposed to the government, or not employed at all) indeed what is good for business is good for the state as a whole.

    You sound like you have a case of good old class envy.

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