Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 24, 2012

My testimony at the Rail-Trail public meeting on Thursday

For those of you following the Rail-Trail controversy in Washington County because it affects your property or you are concerned as a taxpayer, thank you.  But, everyone should follow this issue because it is instructive.  It informs us about bad government.  It informs us about how the establishment media is complicit in bad government and as time goes on it will inform you about how to fight back against bad government.

This (below) is roughly the testimony I gave on June 21st in Boonsboro (here is the Herald Mail story about the meeting).  Can you tell from the H/M story that at least two thirds of those attending opposed the project that will provide more bike paths in a county overrun by trails for mostly the bicycle hobbyists and lobbyists while interfering with the property rights and the privacy of citizens for its 24-mile length!

There were two parts to my testimony but with the time restrictions announced at the beginning of the public meeting I left out the humorous part.  I’m posting roughly what I said here at PTPR for the archives, but more importantly because it relates to what I am going to say in a follow-up post about the Washington County Ruling Class. (Update:  here is the follow-up post)

I want to address the Republican County Commissioners*—-WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING!   I thought we elected fiscal conservatives and defenders of property rights—why bother electing Republicans if you are going to act like Democrats?

This same trail proposal was put forth 20 years ago by a Democrat County Commission with a Democrat Governor and Democrats all down the line.   I was a Democrat then.  When I saw personally that Democrats wanted my property rights, I became a Republican and told everyone else through the years that they should be a Republican if they were concerned about government spending and the defense of property rights—property rights! the right to the peaceful, the private and safe enjoyment of one’s property are the basis for our very freedoms.

Governments’ job is to protect us and our property, not force us to give it up for political people with narrow special interests.   NOW WHAT THE HELL DO I TELL PEOPLE-I can never say again in this county that we should elect Republicans if they/you are going to act just like the liberal big spending Democrats.

Commissioners, it’s not your job to provide recreation to every group that comes along.   Right now, it is only your job to protect our property, maintain the safety of our citizens, keep up the roads and schools and to be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars when you do it.

The era of big government spending projects is over.

Oh, and by the way, Commissioners who are saying they don’t want to use county money but are willing to proceed to ask for state and federal money—where do you think that money comes from?  It’s not free, it doesn’t grow on trees somewhere else—it is the taxpayers money (IT’S CHINA’S MONEY).  Maryland is BROKE, THE UNITED STATES IS BROKE.

So, I expect tomorrow for the Commissioners to say, we made a mistake and we can all forget about it.  No harm, no foul.

The Commissioners also tomorrow should ask that the state return the railroad line to the adjoining property owners so that we don’t revisit this issue every decade or two.

Or, conversely, if you proceed expect this to drag out (politically and legally) until the next election and maybe we can find some good honest Tea Party folks to challenge you in the primary.

* For readers elsewhere, all five of our County Commissioners are Republicans.  If you are not familiar with the controversy take a few minutes and visit our category on the Washington County Rail Trail, here.



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