Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 23, 2012

Egyptians living in America vote overwhelmingly for Muslim Brotherhood

Former Muslim and now anti-shariah activist and author Nonie Darwish* told us this week at Frontpage magazine (and I first saw it posted at Assyrian International News Agency) that American-Egyptians voted at a rate of 75% in favor of electing the hardline Islamist in recent Egyptian elections.   (By the way, why the heck are Egyptians who are American citizens still getting to vote in Egypt?)

I told you here in January 2011 just as the Arab Spring was getting underway and everyone (including President Obama) was gushing about how wonderful it was, that it was being driven by the Muslim Brotherhood.   And, just a side note, our very own Gustavo Torres (CASA de Maryland) is involved with Wade Rathke and the boys and was likely on a union “organizing” trip to Egypt, here, last fall.   I guess no one told them that once the Muslim Brotherhood gains control of Egypt the commie unions will be the first to go.

Anyway, here is Nonie Darwish’s warning to America:

While Egyptians inside Egypt were split in their vote in their recent election, Egyptians living in the West were overwhelmingly in support of the Islamist candidate. Indeed, many Egyptian Americans who have dual citizenship and are living in America voted at Egyptian consulates throughout the United States. They did so both in the primary Egyptian elections, which occurred a few weeks ago, and now in the recent final elections for president of Egypt between the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi and the former Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq.

Both Alarabiya TV and Egyptian national TV reported that Egyptian immigrants voted 75% in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the primary. Now in the final elections, again Egyptian immigrants voted over 75% for Mursi. If we consider the Christian Egyptian Americans who voted for the former prime minister of Egypt, the percentage of Muslim Egyptian Americans who voted for Islamists could have reached over 95%.

While voters inside Egypt are almost equally split 50/50 between Sharia and no-Sharia, we find the votes of American Egyptian Muslims reflecting an unprecedented level of radicalization that surpasses most Muslim countries. This should be very troubling to Americans, especially to those who care about Homeland Security.


What is happening in Egypt today should be a lesson to the West as to what can happen to a once-upon-a-time great civilization that flirted with Sharia.  [Someone! Tell that to Grover Norquist!–ed]

Diversity Visa Lottery helped get us to this point in time!

If you are now wondering how did we get so many Egyptian immigrants, one answer is the Diversity Visa Lottery.  Egyptians “win” the lottery at one of the highest rates (right up there with Bangladesh, Kenya, Iran and a few others) of all the countries sending us our diversity.

You see, we don’t have enough diversity in America so we allow over 50,000 “winners” from around the world each year to immigrate to the US.   Have a look at some of the recent information about the US State Department program and see recent “winners” here.   Incidentally, we don’t take many Egyptians (yet!) in the Refugee Resettlement Program.

NumbersUSA is working with some members of Congress to kill this program, but no success so far.  Read about last year’s push here.

* Nonie Darwish, herself an Egyptian, is a best-selling author who I first came to know when I read her “Now they call me Infidel” in 2007.



  1. This blog presents an interesting, and possibly troubling question. Does the U.S. allow dual citizenship people, not living in the U.S., to vote in our elections? Could “Americans” living in Egypt be voting for Obama? This needs to be looked into.

    • Greg, I can see letting someone vote in their home country if they are just here temporarily for education or a short posting for a job, but to let CITIZENS of the US vote in Egypt is outrageous. We should just make dual citizenship illegal!

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