Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 22, 2012

Washington County Commissioners get an earful on Rail-Trail plan

Update July 16th:  Here at the Washington County Commissioners website are links for all of the testimony received by the commissioners for and against the trail.

Over 200 literally and figuratively hot people packed the Boonsboro, MD Fire Hall last night to weigh in on the Washington County Commissioners Rail-Trail plan.  Unfortunately, family duties call and I won’t be able to give you my perspective until later today or tomorrow.  In the meantime, here is some of the press coverage:

Hagerstown Herald Mail story is here.

WHAG-TV gave the meeting great coverage, here.

And the Herald Mail published this good letter from Greg Morris today as well.

For more on this controversy visit our Washington County Rail Trail category for all of our previous posts.

Tomorrow:  Why this project is an example of government gone wrong.



  1. Hello Ann,
    I found it interesting Saturday afternoon, when returning from poultry swap we came home the back way along the Canal and Towpath. On a Saturday afternoon we saw nobody walking and only one person riding a bike. Someone has an agenda.

    • Yes, indeed! And, we will figure it out! Last night wasn’t the end of it…

  2. You know what? I love conspiracy theorists, no, I really do, they are so much fun. I think conspiracy theory is so much fun that I think I have become one (snicker.) The Washington County commissioners “reside” at 100 W. Washington Street, Hagerstown, where I know for a fact that there are meeting rooms. Taxpayer paid for, air conditioned meeting rooms. But, if that is not convenient what say, perhaps, a meeting at HCC’s tax payer paid for, air conditioned, Kepler theatre. Nah, I know, lets have a meeting at the fire hall in Boonsboro??? Now here is the conspiracy theory part: I submit that (by way of my conspiracy theory) that the commissioners held this meeting at a tiny little fire hall, in the tiny little town of Boonsboro, that anyone outside of Boonsboro didn’t even know existed, hoping against all hope, that no one would show up to pee on their parade.
    Apparently, it didn’t work. (But thats just the conspiracy theory coming out of me.) HAA

    • Greg, it is going to get worse—it’s not just the location that was a set up.

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