Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 18, 2012

Re-districting petition drive coming down to the wire, more signatures needed!

Governor O’Malley’s re-districting plan allows politicians to pick their voters rather than voters choosing their representatives!

Help deliver the third strike against O’Malley and the boys in Annapolis!  It looks like it’s a go to have two items on the ballot in November for voters to decide—-gay marriage and instate tuition for illegal aliens.  Help make re-districting strike number three!

From Del. Neil Parrott and the team at

…. on May 31st at 11:40 PM, turned in over 28,000 signatures to the Maryland Board of Elections to allow Maryland voters to vote on the divisive Congressional Redistricting maps. The signatures exceeded the minimum required signatures due by midnight. Just two weeks before,we had less than 10,000 signatures and didn’t know where the needed signatures would come from. With a lot of prayer and work, we made the goal!

On May 31st a small miracle occurred. Can you help make another one happen at the end of June? Our goal is to turn 50,000 more signatures by the end of the month, but we can’t do it without your help.

For the congressional redistricting maps, we need to multiply our efforts from
last month.

*   If you haven’t had a chance to sign and mail in the redistricting petition, please print it out by visiting here.

*   Please ask your friends, family, and co-workers to sign by downloading a volunteer packet here and taking it to them. The color map is especially helpful to show the convoluted congressional districts that divide counties into as many as 4 pieces.

*   Also, please post this on Facebook and send emails to direct people to Once people see the map, they know it doesn’t make sense, that it divides our communities, and that it needs to be changed.

The problem with the map is that POLITICIANS HAVE PICKED THEIR VOTERS, RATHER THAN ALLOWING VOTERS TO PICK THEIR POLITICIANS. The map does NOT allow for representative government.

The redrawn congressional map suppresses the voting power of rural Maryland and essentially eliminates the votes of Anne Arundel and Baltimore County votes. The map intentionally divides communities and suppresses minority voters across the state. This new map had bi-partisan opposition; every republican voted against it and several minority democrats also voted to stop this divisive map.


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