Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 17, 2012

Barack baby daddy theory going public; and is Obama presidency doomed?

Note to readers:  I am not saying the baby daddy theory is related to Obama’s doomed presidency, his policies got him to this point.

Funny, I woke up this morning thinking that the Obama presidency is doomed, and find a comment from reader Greg similarly predicting a disaster for Obama.   Here is Greg commenting at my post last night about Obama’s clearly desperate move to gain Hispanic voters:

First of all, regardless of what the press is saying, I think that Obama’s re-election is doomed, and I think that they know it. This announcement is nothing more than a campaign strategy to muster more votes. I predict that Obama will lose worse than Carter did…..I think that Obama’s announcement to cuddle up with the illegals is nothing more than an act of desperation.

I don’t think this is just wishful thinking, I’ve thought for the last two weeks that all signs were pointing to this conclusion.  And, keep your eye on the rising drumbeat from the Hillary faction within the Democrat Party, have you noticed how they are everywhere these days and getting more brazen with their criticism of the O?

And, hey, by the way, if I were the illegal alien “kids,” I would be wondering if this was so easy—to give them amnesty—why did Obama wait three years?

So, will the Dems figure out how to find Obama a new gig—Supreme Court?  Head honcho at the UN?—and replace him with Hillary to save the White House, or go down in flames with him?

Who is Obama’s daddy?

Just in time for Father’s Day (no coincidence I am sure), World Net Daily has announced the availability of a documentary film whose author theorizes that the reason why Obama is so cagey about his birth certificate is because it may not have Barack Obama the senior on it.

Here is what Jerome Corsi at WND said two days ago (hat tip: Ed):

Did Obama build his political career on a fairy tale that his father was a Kenyan who grew up herding goats?

Was Obama’s goal in writing his autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” to misdirect Americans away from a deeply disturbing family background and a Marxist political foundation?  [I don’t see it as anything more at that point in time then making money and boosting his chances of being Mayor of Chicago, an early goal of Obama’s—ed]

These are questions filmmaker Joel Gilbert poses in the full-length documentary “Dreams from My Real Father,” which argues Frank Marshall Davis is the president’s biological father, not the Kenyan Barack Obama.

Gilbert reports he has recently discovered racy photos in vintage fetish and bondage magazines of Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, that he believes were taken by Davis. The photos, he says, bolster his belief that Dunham had an intimate relationship with Davis.

Forget the racy photos for a minute (you may not want to look at them).  Below is a small piece of another promo for the film.  I have written about this before—after I read Sally Jacobs’ “The Other Barack” a biography of Barack Obama Senior.   Here is one post from last year in which I raise this question about Ann’s flight to Seattle just weeks after baby Barack was born.

What young woman (18 years old) gives birth to her first child supposedly married to a man she loves and takes off for a year to go to college 2600 miles away from her family and new hubby; spends the school year there (her enrollment records exist); and then returns to resume her studies in Hawaii only AFTER her “husband” leaves for Harvard?  That to me is the major hole in Obama’s “life story.”

Here is a snippet from the film’s promo:

Obama’s version of his early childhood is false – the family did not split up when the Kenyan Obama went to Harvard as he claimed. In fact, Ann Dunham took “Barry” to Seattle a few weeks after his birth (late August 1961), and began studies at the University of Washington, while the Kenyan remained in Hawaii. All evidence points to a “sham” marriage to cover up an illicit affair.

Frank Marshall Davis was a long-time family friend 13 years older than Ann’s own father.  I haven’t seen this mentioned, but was Ann still a minor when she conceived the baby?  If so, could FMD have been in legal jeopardy? Ann gave birth to a half black baby.  It was 1961. Blacks were rare in Hawaii at the time.  Barack the senior was a highly respected cool dude at the U. of Hawaii, but had a wife in Kenya and would be returning to Kenya before long.  What would you do under the circumstances?  Maybe make up a story about who the baby daddy was?



  1. I highly recommend the video, “Dreams from my Real Father.” It is quite inexpensive, and very well produced. The case for Frank Marshall Davis being Obama’s real father is very convincing, if only because of the physical resemblances between the two being much stronger than the physical resemblances between Obama sr. and Obama jr.

    However, even if you don’t buy the Davis-as-father theory, the video also provides an excellent narrative of Obama’s radical leftist involvement from his teens on. You see how powerful lefties have helped his career from an early age, and how willing Obama has been to “re-invent” himself in order to gain power.

    Two thumbs up!

    • Thanks for the review!

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