Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 15, 2012

More on Obama’s tangled web

Before I get back to the serious issue of the Washington County Republican Biking Trail, here is more to chuckle about regarding our dear leader’s life story.

Jack Cashill has more on the tangled web Obama has created for himself when he wrote his memoir almost 20 years ago.  ‘Dreams from My Father’ helped launch his Presidential campaign but the poor guy can’t seem to keep his story straight.  When and where did Obama really meet his half brother now residing in China?  Maybe he needs to occasionally re-read ‘Dreams…’ so as to keep everything straight.

Here is Cashill at American Thinker (hat tip: Cathy):

The respectable media, left and right, are finally opening themselves up to the possibility that the story Barack Obama told in his 1995 memoir Dreams from My Father has been, in large part, manufactured.

As a case in point, the Weekly Standard’s Andrew Ferguson has had to do some serious reevaluating of the man after reading David Maraniss’s soon-to-be released book, Barack Obama: The Story.  Writes Ferguson ruefully, “The writer who would later use the power of his life story to become a plausible public man was making it up, to an alarming extent.”

What Ferguson found particularly “dispiriting” was that the moments most likely to be “invented” were the most critical ones, the book’s racially-charged epiphanies, “those periodic aha! moments that carry the book and bring its author closer to self-discovery.”

Although I have not yet seen the Maraniss book, I suspect there is one such story that he may have missed.  Ferguson certainly did not discuss it, and that is Obama’s alleged meeting with his half-brother Mark Ndesandjo in Kenya more than twenty years ago.  Although I wrote about this in some detail last year, it deserves revisiting given the renewed interest in Obama’s many fictions.

Read on about Obama’s account in ‘Dreams’ of his meeting with Ndesandjo (who chose not to keep the Obama name) in Kenya.


This all sounds legitimate, but when Obama was interviewed about Ndesandjo on the occasion of a state visit to China in 2009, he said dismissively, “Well, you know, I don’t know him well.”(at ~1:50 in this CNN video).  Obama then added the kicker that deepens the Obama mystery, “I met him for the first time a couple of years ago.”

Which is it?


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