Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 15, 2012

I love Latma! The Israelis understand Alinsky better than most Americans do!

Saul Alinsky taught his community organizers many “Rules” for winning political battles—he said humor was the most potent political weapon.  It’s one that could be used to devastating affect on our thin-skinned, big-eared President Obama (remember Maureen Dowd’s “big ears” mention and Obama’s smack down of the NYT columnist).

Well, thanks to reader Jeff II here is the latest from the Israeli satirical group Latma which isn’t afraid to make fun of Obama.  Be sure to read the very serious story that accompanies the clip about White House leaks of serious international security matters.

And, for more Latma brilliance, see my favorite production of all time (I revisit it every few months to laugh and it fills  me with hope)—We con the world!


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