Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 14, 2012

High Court decides in favor of citizens, against CASA and the Democrat Party leadership

Maryland citizens will now have an opportunity to vote on the controversial issue of whether taxpayers will have to subsidize the college educations of illegal aliens.

I told you just yesterday that Joseph Sandler, a DNC kingpin representing CASA de Maryland and indirectly Gov. Martin O’Malley-the-ambitious, had taken the issue all the way to Maryland’s highest court this week—-they lost!

From MD Petitions website here is the good news.

Less than 24 hours after hearing Casa de Maryland’s case attempting to stop Marylanders from being able to vote on a bill that would give in-state college tuition benefits to illegal aliens, Maryland’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, affirmed a lower court decision finding that Marylanders have the right to vote on the issue this November.

Chairman of, Delegate Neil Parrott indicated that, “This is a great victory for all Maryland voters.  Volunteers across the state worked extremely hard last year for this referendum effort. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents realize that using tax money to pay college tuition costs for illegal aliens doesn’t make sense.” was very pleased to be represented throughout each step of the court proceedings by Judicial Watch with their attorney, Paul Orfanedes.  The decision confirms that the efforts for democracy will not be discarded based on a lawsuit from Casa de Maryland and illegal aliens who tried desperately not to allow Maryland voters to be able to vote on the issue.

Delegate Pat McDonough indicated that, “We have won the first half of the super bowl.  Now, in order to win the entire game, we need to be successful at the polls on November 6th, election day.”

When asked what he thinks would happen in the election this coming November, Delegate Neil Parrott indicated that, “The majority of Maryland voters understand on the face of it that Maryland is spending too much money as it is, and that it would not make sense to go against existing federal law to subsidize college tuition costs for illegal aliens who cannot even work in the country legally after they graduate.”


  1. >>Sigh of Relief<<

    Now let's all get to work to make sure the so-called MD DREAM Act is defeated in November.

  2. Heard the news earlier today on the radio. It is a great win for “we the people,”
    I guess we can still have a little faith in the legal system, but what a shame we have to jump through all these hoops just to have a little justice, huh?
    I want to congratulate Del. Parrott for coming up with the petition idea, and thank everyone who worked so hard to get the petitions signed to begin with.
    All in all, its still a win for us and a loss for Casa de Maryland and Mr. Sandler.

    Now, on to same-sex marriage where I see our county commissioners let us down. [my opinion.]

    We also still need re-districting petitions signed, we only have to the end of June, any readers who could help with that is welcomed.

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  4. […] He appealed and lost the appeal. […]

  5. […] He appealed and lost the appeal. […]

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