Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 4, 2012

Election Integrity Maryland delivers challenge to Baltimore County BOE

Here is the news this morning from Election Integrity Maryland:

Election Integrity Maryland today is submitting 828 challenges to the Baltimore
County Board of Elections over irregularities in the voter rolls, including
duplicate registrations, invalid addresses, and deceased voters who remain on
the rolls.  A total of 1,700 County voter registrations have been reviewed so

Despite assertions by the Maryland State Board of Elections that voter
registration records are kept up-to-date, the non-partisan watchdog group
Election Integrity Maryland (EIM) has discovered names of deceased voters in
Baltimore County who remain on the voter rolls, as well as names of voters who
have moved or who have duplicate registrations.

Similar irregularities were discovered by EIM in Montgomery County last
February, and challenges were filed then as well.  EIM plans to submit more
challenges in other counties in the near future.

According to EIM president Cathy Kelleher, “We are pleased to assist the Board
of Elections by submitting these challenges.  By law, the Board is required to
keep registration records current.  Our work is intended to help with that

Kelleher anticipates that the Baltimore County officials will respond in a
timely manner.

EIM was formed to promote public confidence in the integrity of local, state and
federal elections in the State of Maryland.  The non-partisan, non-profit group
conducts research into public voter registration records, and also trains Poll
Watchers according to guidelines issued by the State Board of Elections.

Readers, if you are looking for a way to help those ballot initiatives (to stop instate tuition for illegal aliens, gay marriage, and O’Malley redistricting) succeed or your favorite candidates to win in the fall, this is something you can do from your home.

Go to EIMs website and learn what you can do to help identify questionable voter records in your county.

And, you can enjoy knowing that you are striking a blow against Eric Holder and Thomas Perez while you are at it (this is from me, not from EIM!).



  1. I understand that EIM is reporting inconsistensies to the election boards, my question is : Is anything being done about those reports?

  2. Thank you for your support of Election Integrity Maryland!

  3. A reply to Greg-
    We submitted challenges to MoCo in February. They have responded by sending us mixed messages. Suffice it to say this is what we have learned. With regard to deceased voters, unless a family member physically delivers an original death cerificate to the board of elections in MoCo or if a monthly report by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene notifies the BOE of a death, no names will be removed from the rolls.

    MoCo has indicated our research results did not come from a reliable source. We use an online clearing house of obituaries that match name, date of birth, date of death and location.

    Also, if a voter who is active on the rolls dies out of state, they don’t take them off the rolls because they don’t search out of state deaths. We do.

    If the system works so well, why are we finding voters that have been deceased for more than 10 years in some cases, who died in Maryland?

    I encourage followers of this issue to check the voter registration verification site online for deceased family members information. CAK

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