Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 3, 2012

MD Dems squeal over Redistricting petition drive preliminary success

They have got to be absolutely enraged these days with news that three petition drives against Democrats’ pet projects (O’Malley’s pet projects!)  in the last 12 months are so far successful.  Imagine what fun the November election will be for Marylanders if all three initiatives are all on one ballot—gay marriage, instate tuition for illegal aliens and that bizarre redistricting map for the state—Wow!

I thought it was very funny that State Democrat Party leader, Yvette Lewis*, should say that the Republicans are irrelevant.  Far from it thanks to the leadership of Delegate Neil Parrott who last year saw the potential in ballot measures for the tens of thousands of citizens who here-to-fore have had no voice in a state locked-up by the Left.

Here is the Baltimore Sun and the squealing Dems:

After Maryland Republicans appeared to have cleared the first hurdle in their challenge to Maryland’s new congressional district map, the state Democratic chairwoman said the party will “consider all options” to fight the GOP effort to challenge the redistricting plan in a referendum.

“In the face of dwindling electoral success and political irrelevancy, Maryland Republicans have turned to the petition as a means to circumvent legislative procedure and impose their partisan agenda,” said a statement released by state party chief Yvette Lewis. “The GOP attempt to overturn a fair, transparent and legal process, which was supported by the Governor and an overwhelming majority of the General Assembly, is nothing but a brazen attempt to hold onto political power despite being out of step with the values of most Marylanders.”

The statement came after a campaign led by Republican Del. Neil Parrott of Washington County filed what it estimated Thursday night as 25,000 signatures of Maryland voters who want the redistricting map put to a vote in November. On Friday, Parrott released updated figure showing that he and his allies gathered 28,477 signatures — almost 10,000 more than the 18,579 that the challengers needed to file by June 1 to keep the drive alive.

Opponents of the redistricting map, which gives the Democrats a good chance of taking away one of the two U.S. House seats held by Republicans, still must file 55,736 valid signatures by July 1 to get the measure put on the ballot. Parrott predicted his organization,, and its allies would reach that target — with a buffer about 20,000 to protect against signature challenges.

If voters overturn the map, which must be redrawn every decade to reflect census numbers, the measure would be sent back to the General Assembly.

* Ms. Lewis must be particularly beside herself since she is one of the Democrats who is working on the DNC Convention in North Carolina (a state that recently repudiated gay marriage an issue central to the party’s plans for Obama’s reelection bid).



  1. I emailed that lemming Yvette Lewis and many others who can handle the truth. The libtards hate it when the People Speak up and execute their constitutional rights.

  2. I was very pleased to see that “Same-Sex” opponents gathered the amount of signatures necessary to get it to referendum, even more than we collected for in-state tuition (obviously a good sign.)
    I signed, and collected, redistricting petitions. I will continue with that effort because, if for no other reason, to get three referendums on the ballot to let the legislators in Annapolis know that they do not get to shove things down our throats-just because they can.
    I am sure that there will be court contests over both these issues, I am confident that we will win those contests.
    I want to invite your readers and fellow TEA partiers to join the effort. If you haven’t signed, sign; if you haven’t collected a name or two, or ten, collect; let’s take our state back!

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