Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 3, 2012

Bilder-bonking through the woods…

….a guest column by our friend John Lerch of the Campaign for Liberty who joined the protest against the Bilderberger globalist cabal meeting inside the Westfields Marriott  hotel in Chantilly, Virginia on Thursday.   Readers, I hadn’t intended to write so much about the “secretive” Bilderbergers but the more the mainstream media pretends this meeting doesn’t happen, the more we all need to speak about it.

And, I also find the hypocrisy of the Left worth noting—here we had the world’s one percenters gathered in one place, but no Occupy presence to speak of.  Why?  Because many inside are the people who fund and give cover to the Occupiers.*

Here is John:

My traveling partner that day was Lauryn, a yellow-mohawk haircut anarchist who was once a Roller Derby brawler. She probably knows more about the Bilderberger clan than the Bilderbergers themselves.

Now, onto the strange part of the day. We arrived about 9:30 and saw a drone fly overhead. After locating the hotel, we were told to park at the nearby Post Office. 1 1/2-2 miles walk.  We saw the service entrance with a few Fairfax County cop cars and officers milling about the loading dock area. Next we came to the woods where we could see flak-jacketed cops with rifles on slings.

Then hitting the hotel property itself, the perimeter had 8-foot high chain-link fence topped in spots with barbed wire. Workers were busily locking fence sections together, with shadow-y figures lurking in the background. And about 50 Crown Victorias driving around, with many 2-man teams of motorcycle cops. We joined the crowd of about 50 protesters at about 10:00 A.M. Then it grew to about 100 by noon.

Many non-MSM types were there, including Russia Today reporter Abby Martin and Mr. Skelton [Charlie Skelton—ed]. We met friends from Baltimore and talked to many people from out of State. Up to this point, not much went on, except for the fact that many people stopped to let friends off and a blacked-out window SUV would appear in about 15 seconds and follow the vehicle until it got out of sight of the crowd, then pull it over and ticket the driver. Also at this time a FCP (Fairfax Co. Police) SUV pulled up on the pristine grass across Corporate (Ha!) Drive from us. It was funny to see 3 gorilla-sized arms hanging out of the 3 rows of windows.

Now more blacked-out window limos were pulling in and being met with sarcastic and often witty comments from a bullhorn-holding organizer. So far, it’s cool.

Then Alex Jones comes in at about 12:30, having been detained and harassed in a parking lot while unloading camera gear for an hour.  Some of the protesters walked down the Marriott driveway and were met by a group of FCP who told them they were not allowed to walk down the road. They tried to get badge #’s and names, but the cops placed their hands over their badges while talking to you. Next the military-dressed and armed FCP came up and start taping off the woods and grass areas by the Marriott sign. We stared at them and filmed them. Some of the cops were young and terrified looking.

I pulled out my pocket-sized Constitution and reminded them that they took an oath to uphold the laws for everyone, including us. I held the booklet in front of them and read their oath of office. Many were sweating and appeared edgy.

Then after Alex Jones was on the bullhorn admonishing the FCP, things went downhill quick. The officers came out from behind Marriott property, pushed my friend in her chest, and pushed others back on the grass. Then limos start rolling in, and a FCP pickup with barriers pulls up and unloads. Then cops are walking up to individuals and yelling in their face to get out of the driveway. At no time did I see any officer attempt to inform any one of where to legally stand in a calm manner.

It was then about 1:30, so my friend and I had to leave, but I talked to Alex for a while and asked him to autograph my Constitution, which he did. But not before holding it up to the FCP and reminding them that they were in violation of the laws within.

Two things I noticed were how badly the FCP responded to nonsense issues like walking on the driveway while wanting to simply cross  from side to side. And how many officers there were driving, walking, and parked along the roads.

Walking the mile or so back to my truck we met and talked to about 20 more people joining the protest. While we had bullhorns, we only shouted at the black limos, not the FCP. And they in turn, looked as if they couldn’t wait to beat us down. What could have been an easy day for them just letting us have our protest and go home turned into one of a public agency being used as private mercenary guards for the ruling class.

By the way, the hotel kicked all the guests out the day before, and we saw many cars being towed out of another gate further down the road. I heard more barriers were put up in the evening, and some arrests were made. And hundred’s of tickets given out for offenses that would go un-noticed on any other day.

One ironic twist. LPAC, the inaugural Liberty conference held in Reno last year, is being held at this Marriott in September. I’m going, but staying somewhere else.

*In a report in the Guardian yesterday, we see that they found at least one Occupier, here.


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