Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 31, 2012

Maryland Marriage petition drive successful! Rachel Maddow wrong!

You didn’t need me to post this story from the Baltimore Sun from the day before yesterday—you surely couldn’t have missed this one!

But, be sure to open the link and look at the photo of the excited Maryland black leaders who made the petition drive successful—talk about change!  Those are the faces of change!  And, that photo has to scare Barack Obama to death!

If you’ve been away for a long weekend and missed the story, here is how it begins:

Activists working to repeal Maryland’s same-sex marriage law have collected more than twice the signatures needed for a referendum — likely ensuring that the measure will be on the ballot for voters to decide in November.

The law’s opponents submitted 122,481 signatures in favor of a referendum; 55,736 are required. If enough are verified as legitimate, as expected, Maryland will be in the center of a national debate on same-sex marriage, with groups on both sides preparing to spend millions.

The Rev. Derek McCoy, who heads the leading group opposed to the law, called the effort “absolutely exhilarating.”

“Marylanders have a right to vote on this issue,” said McCoy, executive director of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, after the group dropped off boxes of petitions outside the Maryland secretary of state’s office.

The state board of elections has 20 days to review the signatures.

Read on.

Toward the end we are told what affect the Obama “evolution” on gay marriage had on Maryland’s conservative black community.

McCoy said recent endorsements for same-sex marriage by President Barack Obama and the NAACP had the unintended effect of energizing the opposition. “Every day we have had more and more momentum,” McCoy said.

Rachel was wrong!   Only a few days ago MSNBC TV personality Rachel Maddow predicted the opposite result and said that black voters will jump when Obama tells them to.

Holder tries to scare black pastors!

Meanwhile Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to black pastors this week in Washington (coincidental timing?) to try to scare them by saying they will lose their civil rights if they don’t get on the Obama bandwagon.

Oh boy!  Won’t this election year in Maryland be fun, fun, fun!



  1. If I’m not mistaken, they only had to submit 1/3 of the 55,000 needed signatures by May 31st. As I recall from last year’s in-state tuition petition drive, the final deadline is not until June 30th. So this is a much bigger victory than the Sun article is letting on.

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