Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 30, 2012

Bilderbergers increase security; plan to discuss Agenda 21

Did you wonder why the Occupiers don’t seem to be interested in the Bilderbergers—-surely part of the 1%!  Well, it looks like the reason is that this is their 1%, their bag of money.  If they are pushing Agenda 21, the Bergers are the globalist left wing.

I can hear critics saying that there are Republicans among the BBs.  Remember you can be a Rockefeller Republican and be a hard Left environmentalist!  I know for a fact that the Rockefellers bankrolled the environmental cabal that locked up Alaska oil back in 1980.

No time to write (as I said a few minutes ago when I dug into the Birth Certificate Whac-a-mole game), so read all about the Globalists yourself here and here.  Hat tip: Drudge.


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