Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 24, 2012

More Maryland families living below the poverty line

Update May 25th:  New data, but Maryland still at #2 for food stamp fraud out of 50 states, here.  (Hat tip: Judy)

Update:  More related information this morning from the Maryland Reporter on problems with county social service agencies, here.

That is what the Maryland Reporter told us yesterday (hat tip: Cathy):

The number of Maryland families who need government help to make ends meet has reached record levels.

More than 700,000 people receive food assistance, the most in state history. A record 70,000 people depend on emergency cash assistance. And the demand for the state’s child care subsidy program has caused officials to impose an indefinite freeze on new applicants.

Be sure to visit the article and check out the interactive Maryland map which shows the worst places in the state for drawing government aid.

I think a couple of things are happening to elevate these numbers.  First, Maryland is “welcoming” impoverished immigrants who draw heavily on welfare.  I just reported a few days ago about a meeting in Washington County where “Latinos” were looking for their “services.”   Also, remember the report about increasing poverty from the immigrant influx in Montgomery County, here.   Obama doesn’t help either with all of his redistribution talk!

And, don’t forget! we have one of the highest fraud rates in the Nation for food stamp usage, here.


  1. The truth is, this fact shows that more people in Maryland are in trouble. More than 700,000 in fact. Obama’s talk of redistribution of wealth is a sham. He voted to keep tax cuts for the wealthy in 2010, he said he’d decrease corporate income tax (in 2012 state of the union), he supports making the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline a priority, he has an “all of the above” energy policy including and limited to: alternative energy, oil, coal and nuclear energy. In addition, domestic oil production is the highest in years, thanks to drilling in deepwater areas, coastal regions, etc… which has been ok’d by the Obama Administration. What I’m saying is Obama is really a Republican in Democratic clothes. He acts like a Republican. Considering he is the 1% in terms of personal net worth and has a Wall Street government, connections to big business, it seems impossible he would actually redistribute wealth. His policies are somewhat working, but only satisfy the status quo, nothing more. He is just a part of the failing economic system, something the election of a Republican or Democratic cannot fix. Only nonviolent, peaceful direct action can fix such a problem.

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